LinkedIn Marketing Strategies that work in 2022

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Even in 2022, many individuals still see LinkedIn as only a résumé and job posting platform. However, times have changed.

Especially for enterprises in the B2B sector. LinkedIn is quickly becoming a lead generation behemoth. Consider some of the most current LinkedIn B2B Lead Generation statistics:

1. Around 80% of leads come from Linkedin itself, the rest are from Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter which is only 20% combined.

2. Over 61 million users are in the post of senior-level executives and 40 million users are in decision-making positions.

All these statistics just point to one fact, if you are using Linkedin for your business leads, you are definitely missing out on something very big.



Having a company page on Linkedin Website automatically gives you an advantage over other businesses. By doing so, you provide your company a separate space where you will only talk about what your company offers, and also you can post, share and comment. It allows for promoting your brand other than your Linkedin profile. It is a very easy step to create a page and doesn’t forget to add a brand logo, cover image, and description of what your company offers. 

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LinkedIn’s new Matched Audiences Tool allows you to retarget people who have previously visited your website. You may pay to reach a wider audience on Twitter in the same way that you can on Facebook. Prospects found on LinkedIn are often a much better fit for your sales funnel. Especially in the business-to-business sector. LinkedIn Advertisements also allows you to add email contacts to target with ads, as well as upload existing accounts. You’ll always know who you’re advertising to when you use LinkedIn advertising and the Matched Audiences Tool.


A Linkedin article can be a great way to communicate with your followers and maximize your reach.

Today, content marketing is a critical component of every marketing plan. Many companies, however, miss out on further visibility by failing to post on LinkedIn. If you write and post weekly articles on your corporate blog, for instance, be sure to share them on LinkedIn or repurpose them as LinkedIn Articles. You may put out a short press release and distribute it on Linkedin if your firm is expanding or offering new services. It’s also a good idea to keep your company’s LinkedIn page updated with any new information.

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LinkedIn has recently started to enable native video content, so posting your own movies that you’ve posted to the platform will increase the number of views and attention your business receives.


Marketers often ignore the groups of different industries and niches. But they are indeed very effective. Always search for a group related to your business and take part in the conversation going on there from time to time. When you converse as an active member in the group, it helps your brand to gather trust and credibility. If this does not help you in any way, it will surely help you to connect with your target audience and build recognition among the potential customers, employees, and companies.

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Before contacting potential prospects, do some research and make sure you’re presenting them with something of value. Before attempting to create a connection with a consumer, you must first invest the time to learn about their goals and requirements.

Instead of merely selling to your LinkedIn network, think of them as individuals you can help and impress. Getting results takes time, just like anything else worth pursuing.

Having a good LinkedIn approach is a no-brainer for marketing in 2022 if you want to increase your presence in the B2B sector. The effort spent on LinkedIn marketing will pay off thanks to the increased visibility of content, advertising possibilities, and the opportunity to target decision-makers at all levels.

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