5 Insightful Influencer Marketing Trends

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Influencer marketing is a hybrid form of brand ambassador marketing. Influencer marketing has its own criteria for working. It is very likely to become dominating on social media, in coming times. This new marketing style fits the sudden change of consumer behavior and sentiments due to Corona.

Let’s check out what are the five important influencer marketing trends to look out for. 

Prominence of Micro and Nano Influencers

Usually, the word influencers ring the bell of a massive following. But if you want to be influencers we have good news. Not all influencers have to have a massive following like Bella Peach. There are Micro and Nano influencers. They mostly have a strong and committed following. These small groups are niche-specific. Big and small brands will be collaborating with these influencers more and more. It is because with small influencers brands get better returns on investments.

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Videos Remain in Dominance

The video format of content was always loved by the audience. Now through reels and TikTok, we are seeing the power of thirty seconds in video format. Through reels and TikTok users feels like a star of their own very small music videos. 

Socially Aware

Advertisements are too pushy. Sponsored PSA’s are selfish. In 2021, aware brands which take part in social responsibility and awareness are appreciated. Users choose brands that match their own values. Users from the LGBTQ+  community will buy from a store with a rainbow flag outside rather than any other store. 

Sales Derived Campaigns

In old marketing models, social media marketing was useful only for brand awareness and reach. Now, the times are different. Social media posts and campaigns are focused to drive sales. 61% of Pinterest users shop from the pins themselves.  The number of small businesses owner on social media platforms is increasing every day. Big brands have realized it, and they have established their presence on social media already.

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Long-term Collaboration

Brands are not going for one post-marketing. They are aware of the potential of influencer marketing.  These days brands are spending more time looking for perfect influencers who match their values and niche. Moreover, one influencer is mostly on more than one platform. The campaigns made by influencers are more natural. It is able to give businesses very good conversion rates. Seeing these benefits brands are more likely to in long-term collaboration for securing their influencers. 

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