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Mother’s Day is a special day celebrated in India and around the world, to honor the devoted love of mothers. In recent years, Indian brands have come up with creative campaigns to honor and celebrate mothers.


This advertisement is extremely unique as it showcases how perplexing and difficult is it to gift mothers. We see how this guy gifted his mom a home assistant and his mother replies with “What will use this for? Will I make a pickle out of this?” So the guy makes him a pot where she can store the pickle which was indeed sarcasm. An important thing to notice is how every mother as well as working moms have different preferences and interests due to which children might find it difficult to buy presents for their mother. This advertisement also has an emotional quotient to it. We see how mothers feel joy even at the most insignificant gifts because they are emotionally attached to their children. So any kind of gift is the best gift for them. The societal pressure to live up to standards also acts as an external factor that proves to be difficult to find gifts.



Mothers are the source of love and joy for children. No one can replace their warmth and care for a child’s development. Motherhood is such an important and precious experience for a woman and the priceless value of her love is well-acknowledged in the recent campaign by Archies to honor every mother who raises her children with unconditional love, warmth, and care.

The ad film from Archies showcases how valued mothers feel when children communicate their love for them. Mothers understand their children better than anyone else and hence understand their various needs and concerns. They love their children and guide them with great affection and respect. Apart from providing them with food, shelter, and clothing, mothers also give their children emotional comfort, stability, moral values, and other important life lessons. Mothers are ready to bear all the pains in order to see the smile on their children’s faces. However, often due to social and cultural norms, mothers do not get the acknowledgment they deserve. The ad film from Archies helps in restoring their lost pride and appreciation. It helps in communicating the love and respect a mother deserves from her children. When they hear words of admiration and appreciation from their beloved children, it fills them with joy. The advertisement reflects the deep bond that exists between a mother and her children. Mothers are often put under immense pressure to keep their families together and yet, they manage to balance it all with a smile on their face. They have to take care of the household chores, take care of the children, and often make tough choices for their children’s safety. It can be said that the ad film from Archies celebrates motherhood, salutes their strength, and gives them the recognition they truly deserve. It marks an important shift in the way we view mothers, their love and care, and the hard work they put into raising their children. The ad film is a commendable effort to restore mothers’ lost pride and admiration and to communicate the love and respect a mother deserves.




Mothers are the most cherished members of our family and our go-to person whenever we have any questions, however minor or unnecessary. This can oftentimes be quite exhausting and tiring for moms as they are already engaged with so many tasks throughout the day. It is no wonder then that watch brand, Titan, decided to use this real-life scenario in their campaign titled #MOMentsTogether and give a much-needed break to mothers from these annoying questions. This campaign recognized the importance of mothers and beckoned children to give a break to their mothers from such trivial questions.

Instead, Titan has developed the Ask A-aai chatbot which will answer questions like “Have you seen my keys?” or “Mom, what’s for dinner?” This chatbot functions as a virtual assistant which will save time and facilitate the smooth functioning of day-to-day tasks. This is a great idea and can indeed help mothers develop a closer bond with their children and spend quality time with them. As a result, mothers can also focus more on their hobbies and personal development.

All in all, this campaign by Titan is a commendable effort that will give mothers the much-needed break they deserve and help them spend valuable moments with their children and family. Such noble initiatives are an excellent example of how to give value to the most important people in our lives and make them feel special.



One campaign that addressed the emotional aspect of the year was launched by Catch, which released a short film inspired by a true incident documenting the profoundness of a mother’s unconditional love for her daughter. We see that the mother is a prostitute due to which she decided to send her daughter to an orphanage as a selfless act. She knows society won’t accept her as a working mother either. The mother, despite being unable to be with her, shows her love and care by secretly delivering food to her daughter at the orphanage. This food is the only link connecting them and hence serves to be a silent guard of the mother’s profound love. The advertisement is more poignant and touching as it portrays how difficult, yet necessary it becomes to make that decision of sending away one’s own child in order to save them from ever worse conditions. The tears in the mother’s eyes and her determination to feed her daughter is a reminder of the real struggles behind societal norms. It conveys the feeling of being voiceless and helpless in the face of prejudiced laws. The most powerful message of the campaign is the reminder of the power of love; it’s a reminder of the struggles endured by mothers for their children and the way love unites us all, weaving us together in times of distress. The most remarkable aspect of the campaign is that it depicts the strength of not only the mother’s unconditional love but of the daughter’s too and how they both inhabit the same silent space despite being physically apart. The campaign urges us to show love and respect to those who need it, to those who are voiceless and still love us beyond our emotions. Catch’s true story of love and loss, of helplessness and hope will remain a reminder of how love can go a long way in bridging the gap of sorrow and loneliness.



In the 1990s, several nostalgic advertisements were launched to promote the day. Some of them are as follows:

  • “Ponds Mother Store” ad featured a daughter reminiscing about her mother’s unconditional love with emotion and presenting her a gift.
  • Santro car ad where a son wanted to gift his mother the best car in the market.
  • Pan Masala ad illustrated a mother dealing with her son’s anxiety by expressing support.
  • Park Avenue Deodorant ad featured a son dressing his mother in trendy clothing.

Indian brands have adopted wonderful marketing strategies to promote mother’s day. They have incorporated wonderful advertising and marketing for working mothers as well. Mother’s day 2023 advertising campaign was definitely a success. These mother’s day campaign ideas were definitely unique and touched everyone’s heart.

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