Nescafe’s New Ad Campaign – Promoting Coffee as Summer Drink

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NESCAFÉ, the world’s most beloved coffee brand, has unveiled an exciting new advertisement as part of its nescafe summer 2023 ad campaign. The campaign, titled “Jo banaye, special ban jaaye,” which translates to “The one who makes it becomes special,” showcases a young boy’s clever use of Nescafe Classic Cold Coffee to evade household chores. Developed by McCann India, this captivating campaign aims to make consumers feel unique through their association with the product.

Core Message

The central message of Nescafe Classic Cold Coffee revolves around the idea of creating a sense of self-worth and accomplishment. In the commercial, the young boy uses Nescafe to escape his responsibilities at home, emphasizing the idea that Nescafe can help users achieve positive feelings and a heightened sense of self-importance.

Sunayan Mitra, Head of Coffee & Beverages at Nestlé India, acknowledged the growing popularity of cold coffee among Indian youngsters. He stated, “We have witnessed this trend in out-of-home consumption points and believe that it presents us with a great opportunity. The challenge remains that many consumers are not sure about preparing it at home. Through this campaign, we wanted to showcase how coffee connects loved ones at home and how easy it is to make an indulgent glass of cold coffee using NESCAFÉ.”


Ashish Chakravarty, Executive Director and Head of Creative at McCann India, explained the creative approach taken in the ad. He said, “To dispel the belief that it’s difficult to make great-tasting Cold Coffee, we decided to show how the young teenage son of the family uses this incorrect perception to his advantage and enjoys the privilege of not having to do laborious home chores. The film uses the popular and iconic NESCAFÉ sonic branding (Paparapa) in a clever manner by making it a part of the pivotal dialogue in the story, making it more than just a musical hook.”


The advertisement is expected to have a profound impact on consumers’ mindsets. It aims to instill confidence in viewers’ ability to create something delicious and unique, encouraging them to explore their own culinary skills. By showcasing the young boy’s successful endeavor with Nescafe, the ad promotes motivation and the willingness to venture into uncharted territories without fear of failure. Additionally, the campaign highlights the importance of connections and relationships, as demonstrated by the boy sharing his Nescafe creation with his mother. This encourages viewers to share their own experiences and creations, potentially leading to stronger interpersonal bonds.


In summary, Nescafe Classic Cold Coffee’s ad campaign is a well-crafted marketing masterpiece that is likely to positively influence consumers’ mindsets. By showcasing the ease of preparing cold coffee at home with Nescafe, the campaign inspires confidence, motivation, and connection among viewers. This captivating advertisement is set to make a lasting impression on audiences, elevating Nescafe’s position as a leading brand in the coffee industry.

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