Marketing Campaigns are in Trouble

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Launching a marketing campaign seems to be a very easy task. Sometimes it can be but, the other times it can be very daunting and tedious. 

You need to carefully plan and organize your ideas to give them away. Always start with one step at a time and each step will combine to form something special for you. But if you are missing on any part, your whole strategy will crash.

If your plans are not going your way, you need to be patient and boost up your plans to get better results. 

There may be a number of reasons for not getting leads the way you want, so here are the warning signs that will indicate that your marketing campaigns are in trouble and you need to do something about it. 

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A good marketing strategy attracts high-quality leads and if yours is getting very low-quality leads, then you should start thinking that there is something wrong with the way you are managing it.

If you get low quality or no leads at all, it will ultimately frustrate and disappoint the workers of your company and they will not be motivated to do better in it. 

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You should focus on where is your target market is and work to seek their attention on your work. Reviews on your target market will help you to find your ideal customers.

The more knowledge you have of your target customers, the more likely you will be able to make those strategies that will benefit your business.


Marketing’s main job is to develop and generate enough high-quality leads. You have to attract more customers and turn the existing customers into permanent ones.

But we see that often businesses fail to do so, and they think that marketing is very cost–demanding. They are not able to use all the marketing tools to generate quality leads.

The problem can be a branding issue like if you have yet established your brand and very little population knows about it. 

There can be many different reasons why you are not able to attract more audience which totally depends on brands to brands. Look into your teams that are managing these marketing plans, and dig deeper to find the solutions. you are likely to find them in there and try to solve them from the roots.

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Then you will get better results.


Imagine you come across a very big deal and you are pretty confident that your company will nail it this time. You wait for the confirmation from their end for weeks but they do not show up. After some time you get to know that your rival has got that big fat deal and you are left disappointed and feeling lost.

These scenarios happen very often in business markets. Unless you get a cheque deposited in your bank and get the confirmation, it is never a done deal. If you are losing many contracts to your rivals then you must start working on how is this gap is occurring between your sales and marketing.

You should ponder why your business is lagging behind and they are succeeding.

One of your mistakes can be a value proposition. You should design your products and services creatively so that you get the leads not your competitors.  You can have sessions with your regular customers and ask them how your brand can improve and make the products that benefit them.


When your sales team doesn’t clearly articulate your target audience and what’s “good”, you’re tracking bad leads and wasting valuable time. Things get even worse when you start bidding without even knowing your prospects. It may sound crazy, but there are companies that sell applications through portals. They pay a hefty annual fee,  log in and start taking small leads. 

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Companies that have good sales, often have a very good understanding of their target customers. 

Ask your marketing team to sit with your sales team and make the strategies together in order to attract target customers.


If you working and you have nothing to measure your progress or loss, then you will not be able to judge where you actually stand in the race. 

To get an insight into your brand whether it is doing good or not, you need to have an analytics tool.

In this way, you can measure and improve your strategy. 

All these red flags will lead you to unsuccessful business plans. So always keep these things in mind so that you can achieve your business goals. These things can be avoided if marketers remember these 5 things.

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