The remodeled McDonald’s shop helped in Marvel’s marketing!

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Marvel is surely one of the biggest names in the entertainment industry and McDonald’s is one of the biggest names in the restaurant industry, last year both of them came together to collaborate to promote part 2 of the Loki movie.

McDonald’s decided to make a remodeled McDonald’s shop in Brooklyn, New York which is themed like their 1982 shop which gave the visitors a nostalgic feeling of the old days of McDonald’s. The news spread like wildfire and everyone got interested in this interesting campaign of Marvel which finally benefited their movie too.


The changes in the shop

For three days the McDonald’s shop at 6620 Bay Parkway in Brooklyn was remodeled like a 1982 shop of McDonald’s. While entering, the customers had to walk through the series-inspired Time Variance Authority (TVA) time door.

Familiar faces like Grimace were also visible in the outlet. The most nostalgic part of the total decoration was the bright yellow cushiony booths that were making the throwback spot more beautiful.

To make it more realistic, they also installed the old heavy and chunky cash registers and a menu board of the 80s in the remodeled McDonald’s shop. The dresses of the employees of McDonald’s were also like the outfits of 1982 featuring red stripes. Different props from the Loki Movie will also be used to design the outlet which includes a vintage TV set and costumes.

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This is not a single instance of brands partnering with QSR brands for any kind of marketing. Even the recently launched Archies movie on Netflix partnered with Starbucks for their promotion.

Why partner with QSR brands?

Now, one question that hits our mind is why are so many movie teams featuring QSR brands for their marketing. The main reason behind this is the humongous popularity of these brands among the young generation.

The young generation around the world is more into going out and having food in these QSR stores than just cooking food, so these brands have a huge reach among the people of this generation.

Both of the movies that we talked about in the previous segment were made targeting the young audience base which is one of the prime reasons why they partnered with these QSR brands because this is one of the most convenient ways to reach the target audience base.

Ways to make a QSR brand work in India

Now even though these QSR brands are really popular in the Western countries they still have miles to go in the Indian land. But at the same time, there are QSR brands in India that are doing really well in terms of business metrics.

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So if you’re also someone who wants to build a QSR brand in India while taking on foreign competitors like KFC, McDonald’s and Domino’s then here are 3 best tips that we learned from the best brands.

1. Quantity with quality –

One of the most important things you need to understand about India is that you’ll have strong competition from roadside stalls. There are plenty of roadside stalls in all the cities of India serving the best quality of food in good quantity.

You can obviously try different kinds of innovations to bring out some new types of food to give a different taste to your customers. But that should not come at the price of the quantity like less food for a high price.

India is a country of foodie people and most people love brands that provide them with good quality food in adequate quantities. Everyone in this country wants to get the best return on every single penny they spend so you surely need to focus on quality and quantity at the right price.

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2. Service –

A smile on the face of your employee while delivering the food to your customer is surely one of the easiest ways to hack the hearts of Indian customers. Welcome, Thank you, sure – these small words conferred with a smile on your face can make a big difference in the customer’s perception of your brand.

QSR brand work

Polite and cool minded employees are very important in a QSR store because they will help to make your customer’s experience better in your store. It can also help you to stop any kind of heated situation from being a newspaper headline.

3. Speed –

Another important thing in QSR is speed. A lot of your customers have a very busy life and they’re always in a hurry to catch a flight or attend a meeting so make sure you understand the value of the S in QSR.

To make sure the speed of your restaurant’s service is good, you need to maximise the work space and get the best employees onboard.


We’ll be able to see more such collaborations in the future days. As QSR brands are growing in importance in the business sector because of more people opting to eat out more often with time.

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