Backlinks that are bad for your website

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Firstly, we should know what Backlinks exactly are, and then we will proceed towards which are beneficial for you and which are not. 

So basically, backlinks are simply links that take you from one website to another. Also referred to as inbound or external links because they provide another website’s traffic coming to your own website. 

The quantity and quality of your backlinks can help you in a higher ranking on search engines like Google and Bing.  Search engines like Bing and Google represent backlinks as an indication of the quality and good content. They are more likely to have higher rankings on SERPs (Search Engine Results Pages) than other websites. 

How you implement, manage and analyze the execution of backlinks is a crucial aspect of Search Engine Optimization(SEO) and SEO strategies.

You can use Profile Creation Sites or Profile Linking Sites which is the most authoritative way to get do-follow backlinks for your business. These sites make your profile publicly visible when you make a profile on the famous PR sites which are,, etc.

When a website is built, the business owner gives so much attention to the keywords and other Search Engine Optimisation Factors but tends to forget about the importance of Backlinks in making your website popular.

According to the statistics given by uSERP, 91%  of all the pages that are on the internet get zero organic traffic. The reason behind this is that they have zero backlinks pointing towards their content. 

Another statistics given by uSERP, 58.1% of SEOs believe that Backlinks have a major impact on Search Engine Rankings.

So if you have been trying to increase your web traffic, you are likely to be looking at how to improve your Search Engine Optimization (SEO). Having backlinks from various sources to your site makes your website much more available to search engine algorithms because those backlinks indicate that you are the authority of your niche. So backlinks play a major role in SEO and your company needs SEO to bring in more traffic. SEO allows getting higher search engine rankings so that more viewers will see your site when they search the related terms.

Most important of all, Backlinks can help you with the promotion of your business. When people will see your links on their trusted websites and bloggers, they are more likely to go on your website and they will come to know about your products and services or what your business exactly offers. This way you are promoting your business and people will come to know about your products and services indirectly which is definitely a plus point. 

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There are two types of backlinks in which one is more useful than the other. Now we will study the two in brief.

NOFOLLOW tag a search engine if the link is useful or not. They do not pass any value from one site to another. They also do not contribute anything to the traffic or rankings of the website.

DOFOLLOW are the useful backlinks. Those coming from the respected site is of most value. This type of backlink can help you improve your website’s rankings and visibility.

However, there are some Dofollow backlinks that are considered as “bad” or “toxic” for your website. They mainly come from suspicious sites and also don’t add to the ranking of your website. 

It should be kept in mind that it is not the number of backlinks but the quality of backlinks that improve your rankings.

Once you are all thorough with backlinks, building backlinks for your site is the most important part to upgrade your rankings.

Though it seems to be a very easy task in reality it is a very tedious one. To get a link, you need to convince someone who can improve a web page on their website by linking it to the web page of your website. 

You cannot just email any random person and ask them to link instead you have to follow some professional practices to get backlinks to your website.


Link building is a process of acquiring many backlinks. It is the specialty of SEO that involves a lot of practice.

When you are just new to this, you should first know the importance of linking and look for the activities that generate backlinks.

In contrast to this, if you are not doing any activity to generate backlinks then, the chances are very less that your website will improve its rankings and also acquire more traffic.

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• Thrive Internet Marketing Agency is a top link building company that offers link building services. It is committed to white hat link building strategies that focus on building backlinks according to your business requirements.


The two main strategies that can be applied in building links are as follows:

1. If someone is interested in your content and wants to link to you.

2. If you want someone to link to you, you put your content in front of them to choose from. 

In both ways, the common part is you have to reach more and more people. You can do this by various approaches that totally depend on what your content is about and what type of business will link to you.

# LOCAL COMMUNITY: Getting connected to your local community will help you in making everyone aware of your business. You can sponsor events, plan meetups and also volunteer on special occasions. This will definitely help you in building a strong strategy.

# SUPPLIERS AND RETAILERS: If you have any business relationship already with some other businesses, you can ask them to mention you on their website. If they mention you then they are in a way linking themselves to your website and this will increase the traffic on your website. 

# PARTNERSHIPS: Business relations which are mutually beneficial are already a bonus. You can request your business partner to feature your content and you can also do the same for them. You can organize various events like webinars together. This will add more benefit and will expose you open to the audience.

# PRESS: It is a little tough to get the press but generally the journalists are looking for some new and unique stories to cover. If you have something unique in your business, then it might catch their attention. The press will also help to increase your reach and will be a win-win situation for you.

If you watch out for all the outcomes, buying backlinks is not a good idea. The reason is that buying backlinks is against GOOGLE WEBMASTER GUIDELINES. And still, if you do so you will have to face a  Google penalty. And such a penalty will cost you very high as it will directly lower your Search Engine Rankings.

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Instead of buying one for your website, you can always prefer FREE BACKLINKS. These are not only reliable but also search engines like it when a website has high-quality unpaid links. This will also help boost your website’s SEO. 

Backlinks of low quality can be a potential threat to your website and can lead to the penalty on your website. Listed are some backlinks which are not good for your website:

• Websites that have fake content, you must be at a step distance from them as they provide low quality.

• Websites that are banned by Google or which are penalized. You will have to remove them because they violate Google Guidelines.

• If you have a link with a website that has nothing to do with your business and has no similarity, it will be of no use to you. Note that Google always prefers relevancy.

• Links which are from gambling sites or adult sites are also very bad for your website.

• Methods like weird links useless redirects and also hacking links will also lower your business’s rankings as all these are violations of Google Guidelines. 

• Everyone hates spammy content, so keep in mind to which source you are linking your website. Avoid spam content and comments. 


There are various aspects to upgrade your google rankings but acquiring backlinks is the most important one. These are not only good SEO but also help in boosting the traffic on your website.

We hope that this article helped you with backlinks and how they can be so much effective for your website.

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