How to use Facebook for Businesses in 2024

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You all must already be aware of the basics of any social media platform in order to get more engagement on your account. But you cannot rely on those few basics for the rest of your life and win the hearts of people on the web. You need to discover and find out new ways of doing so. 

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These are basically the strategies you must apply to your content for more people to see and explore and make your business successful.

But as everything is changing, Facebook is too. Keeping all these things in mind we have brought 10 tips for building a successful Facebook marketing strategy in 2024. So let’s get started. 

Tips to Build a Successful Marketing Strategy in 2024

1. Make Profile Modifications: 

You must always check if your review tab is set on and also keep in mind that any tabs that link to your other social media pages are grouped in one place. Also, using sidebars that are customizable and are also great to bring traffic to your page.

2. Use Facebook Live:

As streaming live on all social media platforms is getting popular, businesses should use this to the most extent as after all, it is all free. 

According to, Facebook’s live search popularity increased by 330% in just one year, and also the daily watch time for Facebook Live broadcasts quadrupled in a single year.

By collaborating with related businesses and hosting live streaming, you can increase the engagement on your page and potentially reach new audiences.

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3. Pin Your Posts:

The practice of pinning the posts is nothing new but it does make a lot of difference on your page. It allows the visitors to view the high-engagement posts on the highlights of your page. This will surely make a lot of impacts. It should be noted that the pinned post is a sort of a customer’s first impression of your page, so make sure that the content is very pleasing and appealing for the customers and the topic is also interesting. 

Eric Thomas, CEO of Solar Panel site (Simple Solar Living) says that “Brands should not undermine the power of a pinned post”. He also added that; “ use the pinned posts to get across the basic information that you want to highlight your company’s values and sustainability practices. “No matter what it is the first post people will see when they visit your page. It has power”.

4. Dive into Facebook Reels:

These days Facebook reels are high in demand. according to, videos account for almost half of the time spent on Facebook. 

Facebook started trying short-form video reels in August 2021, to compete better with the emerging popular app Tik-Tok. 

Paying attention to these new features and trying them in your content, can surely benefit your business. 

5. Try and Test What Works Best for Your Audience:

Only you know what suits best to your audience and what strategy works for your business. Nowadays, you can also run tests to check the progress of your organic posts. By learning, testing, and optimizing, you can help your business to improve. 

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6. Run a Sentiment Analysis:

SOCIAL MEDIA SENTIMENT ANALYSIS helps businesses to know how the customers feel about them online. Brands may better adjust their marketing tactics and alter their messaging and/or product development to better match customer wants by employing a sentiment analysis tool. 

7. Optimize Your Facebook Profile:

It’s another one that’s easy to ignore, but SMO best practices should also be applied to your Facebook profile, according to Leavens. This involves optimizing the name of your page as well as all of the components inside Page Info.

8. Take Advantage of Facebook’s Ad Library:

The Facebook Ad Library is a seven-year collection of advertising that has run on the network. The goal is to increase transparency in political commercials, but Wong pointed out that it’s also a wonderful resource for marketers to learn about effective creativity, such as how companies leverage consumer pain points to influence ad spending and which brand messaging has the most traction.

“It is also a goldmine to find out how your competitors tell their brand stories,” he said.

9. Never ignore Facebook Messenger and WhatsApp:

Facebook Messenger and WhatsApp, which Facebook bought in 2014, may also help companies interact with their customers. This is particularly critical if the number of time users spend on social networking sites each day decreases.

By sending out the newest information, promotional offers, and relevant blog entries via Messenger and WhatsApp, you enable more people to find your material. Furthermore, Messenger chatbots are the most cost-effective approach to monitor and customize client interactions 24 hours a day, seven days a week.”

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10. Try Sponsored Stories:

 Although Facebook and Messenger Stories, as well as the ability to advertise within them, have been available for a while, they continue to be an efficient way These Sponsored Stories, according to Tanner Arnold, President and CEO of Revelation Machinery, share users’ interactions with their friends, such as those who have liked a brand’s page or claimed an offer. Sponsored Stories have a 46 percent greater click-through rate and a 20 percent cheaper cost per click than other Facebook advertising, according to Facebook research.


We hope that all these tips help to grow your business and set your command on Facebook. All these tips will definitely make your business achieve greater heights on social media.

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