Why Facebook Ads are important for businesses

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One of the most popular advertising platforms out of all the social media platforms is Facebook. It works as an advertising platform for hundreds of brands in the form of ads. Ads generally appear in our news feeds, between images and posts in the form of slideshows or videos etc which can also target a particular audience of their choice. Facebook ads for business can be a great investment if done correctly.

Also, with the availability of smart phones with almost every individual, most of the ads spend is done on mobile, also the most conversions are from people with smart phones. So what are you waiting for? If you are looking for a platform, Facebook has got it all covered for you.


Facebook ads are specifically “paid” messages that different brands and businesses place on Facebook. This offers you to promote your brand and target a particular audience that you want to reach.

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A “paid” ad lets you reach the viewers of your choice which can be as narrow and broad as you would like. It’s also pocket friendly so you can easily promote your brand by various means.


Out of all the social media platforms, Facebook provides the best RETURN ON INVESTMENT (ROI), according to the social media marketers. This should be a part of plan in marketing for small businesses as well. And there’s a good reason for that:

•  Facebook is the most popular among all the platforms

•  Average Spent time is 33 mins per day

•  It has around 2.4 billion users and almost 7 million advertisers, with a reach like that, it attracts a large number of advertisers and also the cost for it is not that expensive as compared to other platforms.

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•  One of the most popular ads on Facebook is Sephora campaign and Project Repat which proved the marketing power of social media platforms.


At its central point, Facebook ads alter the way that consumers think and feel. Its impact is clearly seen in their buying behavior.

Ads usually change the way we think and shape our perspective and ultimately the desire of the viewer changes into wants. This is how the advertising strategy works. People are becoming aware about the pros and cons of all the companies and brands which in turn helping them as consumers.


There’s simply no denying that social media is a very strong tool for marketing of various brands and companies. The main key to grab the opportunity is the advertisers’ ability to adapt to various platforms and make the best use of it by targeting the desired audience. Social media such as Face book gives the chance to advertisers to interact with the consumers on real time basis.

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