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If you are a content writer and want to take your content to remarkable heights, this is the perfect way by which you can do that. All you have to do is stay connected with us till the end.


Content Marketing is a type of marketing strategy used by brands to attract, promote and keep back the audience by creating appropriate articles, videos, blogs ,podcasts, newsletters, social media posts etc. This method helps to create awareness about the brands and keeps it on the top of the list when customers are willing to buy what you intend to sell.

It refers to the long –term strategy  to build a strong connection with audience which offers them a good quality content which is relevant to them on a regular basis. It helps them to know more about the company and also their expertise and conveys every bit you want them to know.

When customers thinks to buy something from your brand they already have trust in your services and you just have to keep on maintaining that trust and be a step ahead from your competitors. They don’t want irrelevant messages , popups and spamming all over the social media instead they want relevant, high quality and engaging content that they want to see. 

Avinash Kaushik , the Co-Founder of Market Motive Inc and the Digital Marketing Evangelist for Google says that “Content is anything that adds value to the readers life”, which is indeed true.


We got to know what is content marketing and how effective it is. Lets take a glimpse of what the statistics says about the same:-

• Companies have noticed 30% more growth rates by using content marketing strategies than the companies not using it

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• Businesses that use blogs and articles are tend to get 67% more leads than companies not using it

• 70% of the buyers choose to read an article or blog for the product they want to purchase and also prefer video more than an article

• If we compare it to other strategies it needs 62% less expenditure and produces 3x more leads

• 57% buyers read 3to5 articles before making a choice of purchase

• 60% of the content marketers believe that it is a very important strategy to make the business flourish

You should have been convinced by now looking at the data above.


In rightful way, you will have to deliver a quality content at each stage of the sales cycle. It sounds a bit confusing but companies use it in a very easy way make sales.

Following are the stages that you will have to go through:


This is the first and foremost stage of the sales process. The company should be aware and know about what the customers want.

They should be knowing about their main motive by tackling the pain points , challenges and questions which will give them best ways to engage with them. Content should be educational at this stage and it should be in the form of advices. You can write blogs, create videos and articles at this stage.

For example- if you are a tour and travels company , you can write a blog about “ how to choose  a perfect holiday destination with your family in a budget”. This will create more traffic and potential customers will read about it before planning anything. This will lead to awareness and will attract customers to your company or brand.

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At this stage, your content should be a combination of helpful information and advertising.

You should provide all the information about your product and services so that the customer can get an insight and consider your product before the purchase.

You should make your content to stand out from all the products out there. It should make the buyer understand the features and functions to look for and how to look for those features. It should have everything what your business offers.

You can post case studies, surveys and ‘how-to’ text or videos.

For example- if you are a mobile company owner you can make a case study about “how your brand provides more features in mobile in affordable price”

If you keep all these points in mind, you make your brand more attractive and people will consider your product more.


This is the last stage but is the important one of all. This is the stage where the customers are close to buying.

At this time you should focus on selling your product by convincing them with all you have. You should tell them why you are the best, why should they buy from you which can be done by telling them the advantages and your areas of expertise and benefits.

You can do this by creating surveys , buyers guide, product video and genuine and honest report on your product by a customer itself.

For example:- A skincare company provides a report on a product by an honest review of their customers.


Content Marketing can look stressful and time consuming at times but it is not obviously not in real. You will have to manage it along with other things.

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Following are the steps to get started with content marketing:-


To get started with content, you should know for whom you are writing it. You should have an idea of their pain points, priorities, challenges and also preferences etc.


It means that you should be well aware for what stage of sales you are writing, you should have an idea of what the public wants in form of articles or blogs so that your content goes in right direction.


Always go for a specific routine to make your content.  you should know how much is each piece of content taking and how can you manage it in busy days. This will help you in time management.


This is the most important point to be kept in mind. The person who is writing the content, should have expertise in that field because audience will judge your work on the basis of the content you are giving. So it is better to have an in depth knowledge on what you are writing .


After making the content, the next big question is how you will make it reach to your targeted audience? The answer is through social media post, emails, videos etc.


You should always write a content which is simple , short and relevant for your customers. A content which will clearly give them an idea of what your brand stands for.


With your hardwork and expertise ,your content will surely attract and engage the customers . follow these steps and let your business shine through all other brands.

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