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Are you looking for something that will take your business to higher heights in this year?


Ads are more effective than ever before. It seems that with whole pixel debacle of 2021, Facebook has done some fancy footwork to make its easy to use products more effective to use. Lets hope that this trend keeps up!

If you want to attract more people make short videos that are highly informative and entertaining for consumers. Use TIK TOK and REELS to make it more creative. And not just that take these TIK TOK and REELS ,and try them in your ads. This tactic is working exceptionally well these days.


Reels are  working as the game changer for all the businesses to be honest. recently  Adam Mosseri, head of Instagram said that the platform is seeing a change where users want more entertaining video content. So its important that businesses begin to embrace that shift as soon as possible to effectively achieve success on this platform.

Video should now become a main component of your marketing strategy but not only a video but it should be informative, creative and entertaining at the same time to stand out in the Digital Marketing Landscape.

While adding more video content in your strategy , it should be noted that audience’s attention has become shorter and shorter over the years. They want new and quick content day by day but want it to be very short and creative. So your strategy should be an amalgamation of short , informative and creative video content that will definitely catch audience’s attention.

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Most business owners are not paying attention to marketing basics even after knowing that they should. They are not making video content even if they know about all the advantages.

Most sales and marketing companies should discuss cost and pricing but they are not . most websites are not offering self – service tools but they should.

 Most companies will waste time in discussing how would it be in coming 10 years but they will not discuss what is more important right now.

The need of the hour is that the companies should start working on basics and it will help improve their results.

Source: Talkwalker


Video will continue to take charge in coming years too and it will help the owners to grow faster and sell  more.

Video is featured all over the platform including instagram reels, instagram live and also direct messages. You can make thousands of reels(short form videos) and get organic reach on your post . direct messages and live add more to the popularity of your brand and make it famous .

So the secret word for 2022 is video content and it totally depends on you how you can make use of it .


 Looking at the features that instagram launched in 2021 its pretty clear that it is using ecommerce and creators tools like never before.

In 2021, we also saw that creators and Influencers saw an upward trajectory in their work with the increase in new tools and features introduced by the Instagram. Read also Influencer marketing trends.

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Even small business owners got  a platform to showcase their work and gain popularity through it which us a very great work. Marketing for small businesses become challenging due to low budget capacity but if done properly, low budget campaigns can also do wonders for your brands.

You cannot just aimlessly show up once in a while and gain popularity instead you should be consistent enough for people to recognize you and your work.  you will have to work efficiently keeping in mind all the trends and what the viewer really wants. You should not be overwhelmed but work smartly.

By understanding all the instagram features and knowing what is best suited for you , you can win the race.


Do you really want to grow organically on YouTube? Then you should gain information how this really works . you should know about the algorithm and how to get reach. Instead of doing a shortcut and hack you should know the real algorithm so that you can gain followers not just for a short span of time but get those who are there to stay.

From getting all the things on  mind it is evident that Youtube Shorts are not the correct thing to do on Youtube . If you want to get followers in real time you should invest more in long span videos rather than small and short duration videos which are less informative and to the point. People these days want more than just content, they want creativity and entertainment . using long form content will help you to get better sales , building a community and sustainable growth.

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In 2022 and the years to come marketers will be facing unexpected situations and we have to ready for everything. Consumers shift from offline to online is a very big change that companies are trying to may even take a decade to see the impact of pandemic on marketing. For this reason, we need time to reconnect and make the bond with customers more strong and be humble for all the changes and try to work with all the challenges.

We  don’t know how the coming year will be but we can always work to make it better for us by taking into considerations of all the aspects that we have covered here for greater success in marketing.

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