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Do you want your LinkedIn account to reach more and more audience? Are you searching for some LinkedIn visibility tips that will help you in gaining followers on your LinkedIn account? In this article, you will get to know how to increase your reach and connect with more customers and users.

When you intend to make your reach higher on LinkedIn account, you need to start it with the official page of the company . Here are some tips for the same:


Posts are obviously the most common type of content that companies create on Linkedin. But now you can also publish an article as in September 2021, Linkedin wrote some articles which said that now company pages can also use long-form content.

If you ponder that why should we write an article instead of a post which is definitely less time consuming? The answer to your question is that in a post you can only write upto 700 characters but in an article you can go up to 100,000 characters. So an article gives you more space in which you can explain your products and services easily and develop a trustworthy relationship that can boost your reach.

Similar to blog posts , Linkedin articles can be shared easily and can appear on google search as well . This will only help you to increase your reach outside of Linkedin too.

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You can publish an article by going on your company’s page and click on Write Article button. After that you can publish it and boost your reach.

how to write an article on LinkedIn
Source: LinkedIn

LinkedIn has a very confusing thing with hashtags .  Sometimes they are very helpful and sometime they are not . so it is not possible to say more about how to use them in your posts. But now a days they are suggesting to use hashtags in the posts and also the relevant ones .

Hashtags work here in the same way they work on other social media platforms.  They will tell about your post to the users and with the use of hashtags , your content will appear on the users news feed.

If you want to know how the hashtags work then the thing is that Linkedin lets you follow popular hashtags and if you use those in your content , your content will appear under that hashtag and users will get to know about your business.  

So by using relevant and popular hashtags in your content, your content is more likely to show up on the user’s feed and it will increase your reach.


Doing a collaboration with a known leader who is popular in your industry, will increase the reach and give exposure to you Linkedin page. Linkedin helps to collaborate with businesses and individuals by tagging them in their posts.

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This way the reach will go up and the followers of the other individual or company will also be able to know about your post.

You can execute a successful collaboration on Linkedin by identifying which type of leader is needed for your  company. After getting in touch with them you can make video content and also host an event with them.


If your friends , colleagues or employees have an increased reach on Linkedin then it is a profit for you . you can always approach them to share your content and it will help your company to get better results. If your colleague likes or comment on your posts, then it is very likely their followers will see your posts.

Navigate to any company update you want to promote and then click the Notify to all Employees link above it. See if you want every employee to get the update and as soon as the company posts anything your employees will get a notification instantly.

To track the performance of it you can go to Company Page Analytics and click on employee analytics. There you will be able to see those who are paying attention to your recommended posts and who is helping more and less to get the reach.


When it was launched Linkedin newsletters were available to invitation only but after some time it became accessible to all the users, allowing everyone to write one.

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Though newsletters look similar to articles on Linkedin but they are different. Newsletter allows signups and they notify subscribers whenever you publish an issue.

If you are thinking of low visibility on Linkedin , then writing a newsletter with built in notifications could be a great way to increase your reach and connect to people.

It also lets you invite people to subscribe to your newsletters , giving you more exposure to connect with your audience.


We got to know that writing a newsletter will certainly increase your reach but when you want to create a short form content , post is the best option .

Add relevant  hashtags to your post and also write call to action (CTA) that will increase engagement.

You can also ask your followers to like and comment on your posts and share your content on their feed .


In order to get the reach organically , from writing articles to newsletters , you can increase you can increase your reach . whether you are an individual or a company or both and want to get exposure you can go along with these tips to get more reach and connect with your audience.

So what are you waiting for? Take idea from the above tips and get started. Also, you need to keep in mind social media trends of 2022 to increase engagement and visibility this year.

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