How to Market your Business on YouTube in 2022

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We already know that YouTube is the second most popular website after Google in the world. Having around 1.7 million unique visitors makes it the most appropriate platform to promote your products. 

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But for that too, you need a very brilliant strategy to succeed here. Don’t worry we got you all covered. Here are 5 steps to crush Youtube marketing in 2022.

What is YouTube Marketing?

It is basically a method of promoting your brand, products, or services on the youtube platform. It includes all the strategies you apply to make your brand or channel grow.

If you market your business on youtube, you need to first know what the customers want from your end rather than making products that you think they would like. You need to study their minds and connect with them to get the proper understanding.

It does sound very simple but it is a bit confusing for many brands. You also need to find the right audience for your content so that you get maximum reach. Just like you do for Google SEO, you do it for YouTube too.

Without wasting much time, let’s just jump into the 5 step strategy for your business to grow in 2022.

STEP 1: Create a YouTube Business for Your Business 

The very first step is to create a youtube channel for your business. But to do the same, you have to make a google account because youtube is a part of google, and then sign up using that account. 

Here is how to make a channel:

1. Make a google account.

2. After that sign up to youtube using that account.

3. After logging in, click on “create channel”.


You should always create a channel for your business separately instead of your own account. Here you can find step by step guide by Google for creating a YouTube channel.

The main advantage of this is if you are not available, your team can manage and update that channel for you. Now that you have created your account, you need to add some information too. Like “About” information and channel art(profile picture).

STEP 2: Get to Know about Your Audience

This is indeed a hectic task to do. What actually your audience wants?

To know it, you need to answer these questions: for whom are you making the videos? And what do they prefer watching on youtube?

If we look at the youtube analytics over the years, YouTube has 2 million users and around 77% of the users are aged between 15-and 35. Now also there is not a dropoff in the number of users.

You will have to spare some time to search for your target audience. What kind of videos do they prefer to watch etc. there are some ways to do it:

1. If you have your channel, then check out your analytics tab

2. Use social listening to find your target audience

STEP 3: Research Your Competition

You can grow your business efficiently on youtube by just keeping an eye on your competitors’ steps. and if they are succeeding in their business, do that but in an innovative or clever way. 

You can compare your channel with others by running a competitor analysis  for the following: 

• Number of subscribers

• The quality of video and audio

• Type of content they offer

• Number of times they post

• Comments they receive

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After doing all this work, now the thing you have to do is to perform a SWOT analysis which is basically Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, and Threats report. 

At the very start, your focus should be to increase your follower count and also views. Also, you can keep a track of your competitor’s followers by comparing them with yours on monthly basis.

STEP 4: Learn from Your Favourite Channels

It is also important to learn from your favorite channels and not only from your rivals. Since the social media algorithm changes very rapidly, you have to pay attention to how they are handling it. 

When you want them to watch your videos, you will have to work on your video and audio quality. Since bad audio quality can turn off viewers’ mood in an instance.

So focus on things like:

• Channel art

• Thumbnails

• How to edit videos

• And also the description of your videos

STEP 5: Optimize Your Videos to Get More Views

If you’re acquainted with SEO and Google’s algorithm, you’ll see that YouTube operates similarly, with one major exception: personalization.

When you use Google to search for a term, you’ll get about the same webpage results as other individuals. I say “approximately” since some outcomes vary depending on where you are.

However, if you and a friend sat in the same room, connected to the same Wi-Fi, and searched for the same term, you’d get the same results.

On YouTube, however, this is not the case.

When YouTube displays search results, it considers the keyword and other factors that Google considers: how popular a video is already, keywords in the title, and so on. However, YouTube takes into account your viewing history as well as the sorts of videos it is familiar with.


As a consequence, no two YouTube homepages or search results will be identical.

Personalization helps, but you’ll still need to do all of the other YouTube SEO stuff to have your videos seen.

Here are three techniques to increase the number of views on your videos:

Investigate Keywords:

You need to know what you’re optimizing for before you can optimize your video. Keyword analysis reveals the terms people use to locate content, allowing you to include them in your own. 

For keyword research, you may utilize Google Keyword Planner. Also, observe what shows up when you put your topic into the YouTube search field. All of these are items that genuine individuals have looked for. This might help you come up with new keyword suggestions.

Use Timestamps:

YouTube timestamps are like splitting your movie into chapters. It allows viewers to hop around to the portions they’re most interested in. This improves the likelihood that they will view the rest of your video.

Detailed Video Description:

Each video should have its own part in the description with a few phrases stating what it’s about. However, you may save time by creating default explanations for the areas of each movie that you wish to see.

Here’s what you should mention in your summary:

  1. Links to your other social media profiles can be found on your website.
  2. A call to action that includes links to your products or services highlighted in the video

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