Recovering Website Rank after Penalty

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If your website is banned from Google there can be two possible reasons for it and recovering website rank after penalty can be frustrating.

First is the action taken by Google’s spam team or the other can be an algorithmic penalty. It does not matter whether it is a manual action or an algorithmic penalty, you will have to look back to the backlinks of your website and find out which caused the rankings to drop. When you are able to find which are the ones causing the downfall, you should immediately remove or delete them.

But before we tell you anything, you should know how to remove those backlinks. Below are the steps to do it:

First of all, go to Google Webmaster Tools and identify all the backlinks which are recognized by Google. After that, on the left side click on the “search traffic” button and select the “links to your site”.

Then click on “who links the most” and then on “more” to see all of the backlinks.  If you wish to export all your backlinks click on “download the latest links”.  After downloading you can import them to any SEO Tool of your choice and analyze them. 

You can use any SEO Tool but try to avoid those which offer to remove low-quality backlinks but end up removing your best ones. 

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The most common tool is MONITOR BACKLINKS. After importing all backlinks, now you can see all the backlinks on your website and this will help you to remove the low-quality ones. Firstly, look for the backlinks that are Dofollow because they are ones that upgrade your rankings. On the right side, click on the Thumbs Up button to see all the Dofollow backlinks.

To know about the Bad Backlinks, click on the “Filters” and then “External”. The last column will show the external backlinks. Now you have to look for the bad ones manually, mostly they come from blog comments.

This tool helps to identify all the bad links that are not at all related to your website. To find more toxic backlinks, verify all your backlinks that have the Domain Page Rank of Zero. To view these links click on “Filters” and then “Page Rank” and then click on “Domain- Zero”. Then verify the backlinks manually that are not related to your website. 

If any website links to you, they will use your website’s name or the URL. You can contact the Webmaster to remove the links.

When you get to know about the links which are causing the downfall of your Google Rankings, here is how you can request the removal of those links.

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1. CREATE AND E-MAIL REQUESTING REMOVAL OF THE LINK: To get help in removing the link you should be polite with the Webmaster.

2. Use your company’s email address so that they come to know that company belongs to you.

3. Be as short and specific as possible. Make them understand the problem in simple language.

4. You should never send multiple emails instead you should wait for their response. if you send them multiple times it could be regarded as “spam” which will decrease your chances to get their help.


Requests should be sent from the company’s email address and it is important to keep track of who opened your emails.

For doing this use Signals from HUBSPOT.

First, you have to forward the email to the Company’s GMAIL account.  Go to Cpanel and click on “Forwarders”. Next, click on “Add Forwarder” and now you have to select your email address and the Gmail account you want to forward your mails.


If you want to get the details of the Webmaster, then there is an option of “CONTACT US” or “ABOUT US”. There you can find the owner’s name and address. 

But sometimes it is not easy to get the details. In such cases, you can use to get their email address.

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By doing this your link will be removed or your request will be ignored. If it is ignored you will have to disavow the entire domain. Also if in case the Webmaster charges money to remove the link, you will not pay anything and simply reject the domain.

You can remove the backlinks and after doing this work then you have to make the disavow report. 

Given are the steps to make one:

Go back to the Monitor backlinks and then there is a settings button on the right, click that and add all the tags that were not removed. Use a simple tag like “Disavow”.

Now you can easily create a report and submit it to Disavow Links Tool. Click on “with all” and select the word “export”.

If you have created the Disavow Report then you can submit it to Google Disavow.

The processing of the report usually takes 3-4 weeks and you can see the up gradation in your Google Rankings.


You should not use backlinks that harm the rankings of your website. Instead, use all these tips to remove them and boost your Google Rankings. 

Concern should be of providing great quality and make the customers contended.

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