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The clothing market is definitely one of the most hyper-competitive markets in the whole world. There are several big brands in the market that have been operating for several years now and other than that you also have competition from local cloth shoppers.

In spite of all of that, a new e-commerce fashion brand is slowly and steadily working to win the fashion market of India, especially the women’s customer base. The company was founded in 2018 and in just six years it has become a very popular brand with a significant presence in most of the e-commerce platforms.

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About Berrylush

Let’s talk about the Berrylush story of growth from point zero in detail.

The startup was founded in 2018 by Anusha Chandrashekar who is an IIM Raipur graduate and her husband Alok Paul who is an engineer. Both of the Berrylush founder   had high paying jobs in reputed companies but they left their jobs in the quest of building a fashion brand.

While Anusha had a dream of building a women’s fashion brand for a long time, and Alok had the dream of building something in E-commerce – this couple was successful in building a brand that fulfils both of their dreams.

Berrylush is a clothing manufacturer and retailer specialising in dresses, tops, jumpsuits, and skirts for women. Although they had not initially intended to manufacture on their own, they ultimately made the decision to do so after experiencing some initial growth due to damaged products, irregular production rates, and production  delays.

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Before someone from Myntra recognised the potential in their range, everything was going along at a mediocre pace. The couple partnered with exclusive fabricators and increased the brand’s production capacity to over 100 machines as a result, which helped them grow faster.

The couple sells these goods online via Myntra, Ajio, Flipkart, Amazon, and their own website. Their unique selling proposition is offering stylish goods at reasonable costs. Additionally, the pair discloses that the Rs 999 price range has been their best seller.

The fashion industry is not only competitive but is also ever changing. So if you want to build a fashion brand in India, then other than anything you will have to focus on adapting to the continuous changes happening in the market.

Let’s understand some new trends in the Indian fashion market better –

1. Size comprehensive fashion –

Globally, the range of clothing sizes is changing as people become more conscious of body positivity and acceptance of different body shapes. These days, they include size-inclusive, maternity, and plus-size clothing. Nowadays, a lot of designers have added plus sizes to their collections in addition to the standard sizing.

Size comprehensive fashion

Plus-size models are dominating the fashion industry in everything from ramp walks to editorial shoots. Because of this, curvaceous women have swiftly emerged as new fashion icons.

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2. Comfort is king –

The pandemic outbreak has resulted in a significant change in consumer preferences and tastes. Comfort has become more important to them than fashion, and it has become the newest trend. Many of the innovations were made possible by COVID-19, and ever since, the athleisure market has become more and more prevalent in people’s lives and wardrobes.

Solar shades, along with pastels and nude colours, are going to gain popularity. By next year, colours like marigold, gold, bronze, amber, and so on will dominate the fashion world. Stripes and floral prints will be returning to wardrobes among other prints and patterns.

3. Sustainability –

Given what happened to the world last year, it is understandable to be concerned about the planet’s future. Those brands that specialise in sustainable and environmentally friendly apparel and accessories are in demand in the modern era. Given that it has a significant influence on consumers’ purchasing decisions, it is unquestionably the most significant factor in relation to fashion.


4. Digitalization –

The fashion industry’s transition towards digitalization has been expedited by the Covid-19 pandemic. These days, a lot of Indian fashion brands are concentrating on developing their online presence and e-commerce websites. There are a lot of internet brands these days that use social media for engagement and marketing.

Over the next few years, more brands are anticipated to invest in e-commerce, virtual try-ons, augmented reality, and artificial intelligence technologies, continuing the trend of digitalization.

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5. More D2C brands –

A new generation of Indian consumers has evolved their purchasing habits and now exclusively shops at direct-to-consumer fashion brands. Fashion brands can achieve remarkable success by adopting the direct-to-consumer (D2C) model, which provides them with total access to consumer data, enhanced control over the customer experience, and the chance to cultivate and leverage brand loyalty. As a result, companies are free to use chatbots to interact with consumers, respond to their inquiries, and build relationships.


The fashion market in India has a lot of potential. With a huge population and growing income of the people, it is sure that the fashion market is a great investment option for many people. Though the market is already filled with a lot of players, you can surely step inside and get your share of the pie.

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