MakeMyTrip’s faceless ad: The collaboration of the Stars!

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MakeMyTrip as a company

MakeMyTrip, a leading Indian online travel company, simplifies travel planning for its customers. Founded in 2000, it has grown into a one-stop shop for booking flights, hotels, buses, taxis, and holiday packages. They cater to both domestic and international travellers.

MakeMyTrip’s marketing strategy hinges on a multi-pronged approach. They leverage digital marketing heavily, utilising social media platforms and their own website to reach a wide audience. They also strategically employ traditional advertising methods like television commercials to maintain brand awareness. Additionally, they focus on targeted promotions and loyalty programs to keep customers engaged.

How does the campaign unfold?

MakeMyTrip’s “Asli Star” (Real Hero) campaign takes a unique approach. Instead of featuring celebrities directly, they use their signature styles – Jackie Shroff’s voice, Prabhu Deva’s dance moves, and Shankar Mahadevan’s singing – to create intrigue.

By showcasing these recognizable talents without revealing the faces, the campaign keeps viewers guessing while highlighting the true star: MakeMyTrip itself. The individual films focus on the platform’s benefits, like finding great hotel deals (Shankar Mahadevan) or having the space to dance freely (Prabhu Deva). This clever strategy builds brand awareness and emphasizes how MakeMyTrip enhances travel experiences.

What is this campaign about?

MakeMyTrip’s “Asli Star” (Real Hero) campaign is a stroke of marketing genius that flips the script on traditional celebrity endorsements. Here’s a deeper look at how it works:

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The Intrigue Factor: Unlike most campaigns where celebrities take center stage, “Asli Star” uses their voices and talents to create a sense of mystery. We hear Jackie Shroff’s iconic voice dispensing life advice, see glimpses of Prabhu Deva’s signature dance moves, and listen to Shankar Mahadevan’s energetic singing. This deliberate withholding of their faces compels viewers to pay attention, trying to guess who the stars are. It sparks conversation and keeps the audience engaged.

Focus on MakeMyTrip: By not visually featuring the celebrities, the campaign cleverly shifts the spotlight to MakeMyTrip. The platform itself becomes the “Asli Star,” the real hero of the story. The individual films then showcase the benefits of using MakeMyTrip. Jackie Shroff’s segment might talk about maximizing experiences, which translates to finding the perfect hotel or homestay on MakeMyTrip. Prabhu Deva’s love for dancing freely translates to the spacious and comfortable hotel rooms you can book through the platform. Shankar Mahadevan’s energetic singing highlights the diverse travel options offered by MakeMyTrip. This reinforces the association of MakeMyTrip with positive travel experiences.

Emotional Connection: The campaign goes beyond just promoting hotels and homestays. Jackie Shroff’s life advice taps into the desire to make the most of every moment, both while traveling and in everyday life. Prabhu Deva’s love for dance evokes feelings of joy and freedom, emotions people associate with a great vacation. Shankar Mahadevan’s enthusiasm is infectious, making exploring travel options on MakeMyTrip seem exciting and fun. This emotional connection creates a stronger bond between viewers and the brand.

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Celebrity Recognition (Subtly): While the celebrities aren’t directly shown, the campaign cleverly utilizes their signature styles, making them recognizable to fans. This creates a sense of satisfaction for viewers who can guess the stars, further solidifying the association of these celebrities with MakeMyTrip.

Overall Impact: The “Asli Star” campaign is a memorable and effective way for MakeMyTrip to stand out. By using a touch of mystery, focusing on platform benefits, and creating an emotional connection, the campaign builds brand awareness and positions MakeMyTrip as the essential tool for a truly enriching travel experience.

Official statement by MakeMyTrip

“When it comes to advertising, our goal is to keep upping the ante on the quirk-factor or the humour in our campaigns. Easily relatable situations, characters and people are brought into the fold of the brand’s communication but with a distinct MakeMyTrip edge. For this campaign too, we wanted to spotlight our fabulous hotels and homestays offerings with an equally fabulous star cast. It turns out that each of the personalities in our 4 films are real-life patrons of our platform. This information and their own distinct personal styles combined really brought our vision to fruition,” Raj Rishi Singh, chief marketing officer and CBO – Corporate, MakeMyTrip said.

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In conclusion, MakeMyTrip’s “Asli Star” campaign breaks the mold of celebrity endorsements. By using the stars’ signature styles to create intrigue, they shift the focus to MakeMyTrip itself, the “real hero.” The campaign cleverly highlights the platform’s benefits while sparking viewer curiosity and emotional connection. This unique approach builds brand awareness and positions MakeMyTrip as the key to an unforgettable travel experience. With its memorable execution, the “Asli Star” campaign proves that MakeMyTrip is a travel essential, ensuring a journey that’s as enriching as the destination itself.

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