The unexpected collaboration between Colgate and CID

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Introduction to Colgate

Colgate is a well-known brand famous for its toothpaste and oral care products. It has been around for many years, helping people keep their smiles healthy and bright. Colgate offers a wide range of toothpaste flavours and formulas to suit different needs, from fighting cavities to whitening teeth.

Along with toothpaste, Colgate also provides toothbrushes, mouthwashes, and dental floss to complete your oral care routine. The brand is trusted by millions of people worldwide and is recommended by dentists for maintaining good oral hygiene. With its commitment to quality and innovation, Colgate continues to be a favourite choice for families looking to take care of their teeth and gums.

What was the campaign all about?


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The “Neend Bhagao, Taazgi Jagao” ad campaign by Colgate MaxFresh aims to humorously highlight the benefits of using their toothpaste to kickstart your day without morning mishaps. The ad features a groggy doctor, symbolized by a bed strapped to his back, stumbling through various humorous misadventures until he uses Colgate MaxFresh, which seemingly helps him avoid further goof-ups.

However, despite the brand’s intention to promote freshness and vitality, the ad itself became the subject of scrutiny due to unexpected blunders spotted by the legendary detectives of CID , led by ACP Pradyuman. Months after its initial airing, the CID team unveiled subtle errors in the ad, adding an unexpected twist to the campaign.

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Rather than shying away from the scrutiny, Colgate MaxFresh embraced the opportunity for engagement by collaborating with CID. Together, they invited viewers to participate in spotting additional goofs and sharing their findings. This interactive approach not only encouraged audience participation but also turned potential criticism into an entertaining game.

Furthermore, to incentivize participation, Colgate MaxFresh offered exciting gift hampers to those who successfully identified errors in the ad. This playful collaboration between a toothpaste giant and a popular detective show not only added an element of fun to the campaign but also strengthened brand engagement and loyalty among consumers.

Overall, the “Neend Bhagao, Taazgi Jagao” ad campaign by Colgate MaxFresh, despite facing unexpected scrutiny, cleverly transformed a potential setback into an opportunity for interactive engagement and entertainment, showcasing the brand’s agility and commitment to consumer satisfaction.

Is this a good marketing strategy?

The “Neend Bhagao, Taazgi Jagao” ad campaign by Colgate MaxFresh, despite facing unexpected scrutiny from the CID team, can be considered a good marketing campaign for several reasons.

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Firstly, the campaign effectively communicates the brand’s message of freshness and vitality. By showcasing a relatable scenario of a groggy doctor facing morning mishaps, the ad highlights the benefits of using Colgate MaxFresh toothpaste to start the day on a refreshing note.

Secondly, the unexpected collaboration with CID adds a unique and entertaining twist to the campaign. Rather than shying away from criticism, Colgate MaxFresh embraced the opportunity to engage with its audience in a playful manner. The interactive element of inviting viewers to spot additional goofs and participate in the investigation not only fosters consumer engagement but also strengthens brand-consumer relationships.

Moreover, the campaign’s relevance lies in its ability to capture the attention of the target audience. With the popularity of CID and the comedic elements of the ad, the campaign effectively resonates with viewers, making it memorable and shareable on social media platforms. This increased visibility and word-of-mouth promotion can further enhance brand awareness and drive sales.

Overall, the “Neend Bhagao, Taazgi Jagao” campaign demonstrates Colgate MaxFresh’s creativity, agility, and commitment to consumer satisfaction. By turning potential setbacks into opportunities for engagement and entertainment, the campaign succeeds in leaving a positive impression on consumers and reinforcing the brand’s positioning in the market.

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In conclusion, despite facing unexpected scrutiny, the “Neend Bhagao, Taazgi Jagao” campaign by Colgate MaxFresh emerges  as a successful marketing endeavor . Through its effective communication of freshness benefits, unique collaboration with CID, and ability to captivate the target audience, the campaign demonstrates creativity, agility, and consumer-centricity.

By embracing feedback and turning potential setbacks into opportunities for engagement, Colgate MaxFresh showcases its commitment to consumer satisfaction and brand authenticity. Ultimately, the campaign leaves a lasting impression on viewers, strengthening brand-consumer relationships and reinforcing Colgate MaxFresh’s position as a market leader in oral care.

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