The great marketing of Pringles

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The Indian readymade snacks food market is highly competitive with a lot many brands trying to sell their snack items to the customers. The competition is not only among the big brands with huge marketing but also the small companies operating in a small city that have a big consumer base.

But in Hindi, there is a very popular proverb that says – “Jo Dikhta hai wo bikta hai”. Pringles took that marketing tag seriously and started implementing it to grow the business. They started raising billboards, ran 3d ads or pasted the stickers in different regions like the entire conveyor belt of Bangalore airport. They also targeted several other cities like Pune and Mumbai for their promotional purpose.

Image source – Wigmore Trading

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  1. Why is brand visibility important?
  2. How to increase brand visibility?
  3. Conclusion

Why is brand visibility important?

Brand visibility is a very important issue determining the success of any brand but how? Let’s decode,

1. Customer acquisition –

Visibility of the brand aids in attracting new clients. People are more inclined to investigate and think about your goods and services if they see favourable testimonials, ads, or suggestions about your company.

Customer acquisition
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2. Recall –

A prominently displayed brand generates top-of-mind recall and is more memorable. If someone has seen your brand before, they are more likely to remember it when they need one of your offered goods or services. Furthermore, consumers are more likely to recommend a brand they are familiar with to friends, family, or peers, which promotes word-of-mouth advertising.

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3. Increasing trust –

Customers typically have faith in brands they are familiar with. When it comes to making decisions, customers rely heavily on trust. Your brand is more likely to be viewed as trustworthy and dependable the more visible it is.

4. Create brand recognition –

Brand recognition is aided by brand visibility. People get familiar with your brand when they see it frequently across various touchpoints and channels. Customers are more inclined to select a known brand over an unknown one because familiarity fosters trust.

5. Consumer engagement and loyalty –

A well-known brand can interact with its audience more successfully. You can communicate with consumers, resolve their issues, and create enduring relationships by being present across multiple channels and keeping an active online presence. This will boost customer loyalty.

6. Long term sustainability –

Strong brand awareness and recognition are typically associated with more stable business operations. Well-known brands are more resilient to setbacks during periods of economic turbulence or market volatility.

How to increase brand visibility?

Now that you have understood the importance of brand visibility, the question is how to increase brand visibility.

1. Influencer marketing –

Influencer marketing is a rapidly growing field, and it offers instant results to all kinds of businesses. People tend to trust messages that come from a seemingly independent source more than they trust messages that come from the brand itself.

When you work with an established influencer, you can take advantage of their existing credibility to build more trust with your target audience. Even better, influencers are generally paid based on pre-arranged performance criteria, so you won’t lose money if their campaigns fall flat.

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2. Showcase your uniqueness –

Stress your offering’s core competency. What distinguishes your brand? What distinguishing feature (USP) does it offer? How does your brand stand out in this particular category? What are your brand’s strong points?

The answers to these queries will assist you in emphasising your brand’s core strength. This is just one strategy among many to boost your offering’s brand visibility.

Showcase your uniqueness
Image source – NicheMktg

The brand image that your customers have formed of you must be consistent with your brand identity. Putting more emphasis on your special offerings aids in developing a strategy for outstanding brand awareness and visibility.

This is also how does pringle advertise too.

3. Use video content –

The quantity of videos that are available online is constantly increasing. It is anticipated that video will account for 82% of all internet traffic by 2022. Users watch video advertisements in mobile applications as well as on different websites. Video content seems to be the way of the future for digital advertising. The younger generation of Internet users prefers visual and aural content over textual content.

You can convey the right message about your brand in less time by using video advertisements. You can dramatically improve brand visibility and win customers’ trust by consistently showing engaging, high-quality videos to the members of the targeted target group.

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4. Work on SEO –

While paid campaigns are an important part of digital marketing, in the long run, organic search traffic might yield a higher return on investment. Even though you might not notice any changes today, tomorrow, or even next week, enhancing the SEO of your website will help increase its visibility on Google and other search engines.

While keywords are the first step in SEO, you also need to take into account the backlink profile of your website, or the external websites that link to your pages. It’s simple to increase traffic to each of your websites by exchanging guest posts with brands that are similar to yours.


Brand visibility is very important to create a successful brand. Similar to Pringles if you also want to create a successful brand, you will need to make sure that your products are known to a lot of people.

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