Alia Bhatt features as the new brand ambassador of Hero Pleasure

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Thousands of Ad videos are launched every day, most of them featuring renowned Bollywood celebrities or cricketers. But rarely are there any ad videos that will touch the hearts of the viewers and give a sensible message. Recently, Hero created an ad video for its new model of pleasure scooty with Alia Bhatt featured as the brand ambassador of Hero pleasure.

The ad video has given a very good message to all the viewers and is able to touch the hearts of everyone. They made an ad video in which they tried to portray Alia Bhatt in the role of a woman who challenges all societal norms and listens to her heart.

Alia Bhatt brand ambassador
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Table of contents

  1. What’s the ad?
  2. What are the advantages of using a social message for marketing?
  3. Conclusion

What’s the ad?

There are two parts of the ad that narrate two different stories of two different women who are trying to break societal norms and do what they want to do, breaking all the gender stereotypes. In both ads, Alia Bhatt plays a dual role where she is the one judging on the basis of norms and also she is the one breaking those.

Hero Pleasure
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In the first part of the ad, Alia Bhatt comes for badminton coaching and she has a dream of playing National and International while the current coaching can only lead her up to the district. So she says she will not practise there. So Alia Bhatt as the coach asks her if she can travel several kilometres every day as a woman. The reply comes as a yes.

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In the second part of the ad, Alia Bhatt is a news reporter and also the boss of the reporter. While the boss objects that she can’t go at night to report the news, she replies that she can also travel alone at night because of the new advanced features of Hero Pleasure.

What are the advantages of using a social message for marketing?

1. Gain trust and loyalty –

Customers who are brand loyal are what brands want. It implies that they will not only come back and make additional purchases, but also tell others about it in a way that draws and motivates them.

According to the Edelman report, brands that address social issues see at least a fourfold increase in the likelihood that customers will make a purchase, and 67% of consumers will most probably stay loyal to them and recommend them more.

Consumers want brands to be leaders in social responsibility and to live up to their words in areas like supplier chains, business locations, and employee treatment.

2. Increase your brand awareness –

A campaign that is emotionally charged and brings attention to a significant social issue has a much higher chance of going viral. People who are passionate about something want to spread it widely.

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LEGO is a prime example of this, a powerful brand that people can instantly recognise by name and logo. The goal of LEGO’s “Let’s Get the World Ready for Girls” campaign was to celebrate girls who rebuild the world while combating gender stereotypes.

When it comes to creative play, girls feel less constrained by and are less supportive of typical gender biases than boys, according to research conducted by the brand in collaboration with The Geena Davis Institute on gender norms and play.

To spread and magnify the message, the campaign was shared on social media.

3. Better revenue –

Customers anticipate that a brand’s position will be represented in both its marketing and its internal operations.

Trusted brands can command a premium, according to the Edelman report “The New Cascade of Influence.” Of the respondents, 59% agreed that brands they trust and 55% said that brands that make a positive impact on the world are worth paying extra for.

This demonstrates how powerful it is to lend your voice to a cause that your target audience cares about, but more significantly, how you can demonstrate this as a brand by deeds.

4. Connect with Gen-Z consumers –

No stance is also a stance to the younger generation, and it can seriously harm your reputation. A third of Generation Z says they have stopped purchasing products from brands that support social causes they disagree with. Similarly, 76% of Gen Z believe that it’s critical that brands embrace diversity.

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According to a 2022 YPulse survey, Gen Z’s top concerns are gun violence, mental health, abortion/birth control, and climate change. They also want to see more brands address these issues.

However, there’s a thin line separating sincere “wokevertising” from social responsibility. Young people are adept at spotting the latter, and they don’t like it when companies use social justice as a means of self-promotion.


In today’s world, storytelling through ads is a very important part of marketing. There are thousands of ad videos made and published every day but the thing is your brand needs to tell a great story to be the eye-catcher among all other ads and that’s what hero pleasure did also bringing Alia Bhatt as the brand ambassador of hero pleasure.

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