How Did Animal Become A Blockbuster Movie?

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We all know about the movie “Animal” by now. The movie is making headlines in different entertainment news sites because of the fan appreciation and also the humongous monetary collection.

This movie by Ranbir Kapoor is one of the biggest hits of 2023 and is being considered as one of the finest action films made by Bollywood. The movie made a 63.80 crore collection on its first day making it one of the biggest opening day collections of any Bollywood movie this year.

Background About The Movie

The main characters of this movie are Ranbir Kapoor (hero), Rashmika Mandanna (heroine), Anil Kapoor (father of the hero) and finally Bobby Deol (antagonist).

The movie is directed by Sandeep Reddy Vanga who has previously directed another superhit Bollywood movie “Kabir Singh”.

The movie is a full packed action movie where Ranbir Kapoor will surely take your attention with his high quality action skills. The film is based on Ranbir Kapoor’s love for his father with also some romantic touch brought in by Rashmika Mandanna.

Bobby Deol acts as a catalyst to spread the heat of this movie with his acting, looks and actions. It’s getting considered as a comeback movie for Bobby Deol as well.

Marketing Of The Movie

The movie got the hype even before it hit the cinema halls because of the marketing of the movie. Fans were madly waiting for the movie to hit the big screen.

Many pre-booked their tickets to see Ranbir Kapoor as an “Animal”. The movie was all of a sudden the talk of the town with a lot of people, especially youngsters eagerly waiting to see it. But how did all that happen? What went right regarding the marketing of the movie?

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Let’s understand that,

The Alpha Male Portrayal

The movie got its first card correct with the portrayal of Ranbir Kapoor as somewhat of an Alpha Male that attracted a lot of youngsters. There is no doubt the action and personality of Ranbir Kapoor portrayed in the trailer were enough to get the audience’s attention and create hype around the movie.

Animal movie Ranbir Kapoor

In recent times there has been a rise of this kind of Alpha male characters that the young men can connect with. At the same time, it’s also a character trait that’s admired by many girls. Sandeep Reddy Bhanga has previously done the same portrayal of an Alpha male with Shahid Kapoor in the “Kabir Singh” movie. He knows how to create it and with “Animal” he just mastered the same art.

No doubt Ranbir Kapoor also played his role like a genius. His actions, his style of talking and his looks all suited his character of an Alpha male. All of these sides were well projected in the trailer of the movie which made people interested in that movie leading to people going mad for it.

The Action And Violence

The genre of action movies was ruled by South Indian movies like KGF or Vikram while Bollywood failed to produce a great one. So fans were waiting for that one movie to break the trend.Sandeep Vanga did that. A clip from his old interview went viral on the Internet, where he promised that he would show the world what an actual action movie looks like.

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The Action And Violence

He showed a gigantic machine gun in the movie trailer and a clip of Ranbir Kapoor with blood stains all over his body. The scene of the firing of the machine gun took the hype of this movie as a violent movie to the next level.

But violence doesn’t only end with Ranbir Kapoor, Bobby Deol also makes us feel his presence with a great blood-wrapped look and a wonderful physique. And then fans got excited for this animalistic movie to hit the halls so that they could enjoy these mind blowing action scenes on the big screen.

The fight between Bobby Deol and Ranbir Kapoor surely gives a bombarding feeling in the hearts of every fan watching the trailer.

The Effect Of Songs

Then comes the part of the music. First of all, we need to understand one thing songs play a great role in the success of a movie. Think of songs like “Channa Mereya” or “Tum hi ho”, these songs were enough to bring audiences to the hill for movies like “Ae dil hai mushkil” and “Aashiqui 2” respectively.

Without a proper song list, it’s rare that a movie can become a hit, especially a super hit movie. Sandeep Bhanga understands it better than all of us suddenly.

He played his cards right. He got some great songs for his movie. The best part is that the movie consists of different kinds of songs from melodious songs like “Satranga” to a high tone song like “Arjan vailly”.

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Another song from the movie – “Duniya jala denge” also got the attention of the people because of its music and the great voice of B Praak. The songs created some extra love and excitement in the hearts of the fans of this movie.

Negative Publicity

Another thing about the film is that it also received some negative publicity. Many people said that the movie promoted toxic masculinity in the name of an Alpha male through Ranbir Kapoor.

As we know, Negative publicity is also good publicity. With all kinds of negative and positive publicity that happened around the movie, the movie became the talk of the town.


All movies need great promotion and marketing to become a hit movie. There are a lot of movies that were really good but failed to bring the audience into the hall.

Sanam Teri Kasam

Some movies like “Sanam Teri Kasam” became a commercial loss when they appeared in the cinema hall. But people loved the movie. Most people came to know about the movie after it left theatres but surely won millions of hearts.

But for “Animal” the case is different. They played their cards right. Everything was planned and executed perfectly. From the trailer to songs everything created excitement among fans leading to a blockbuster success of this film.

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