Influencer Marketing Trends in 2022

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Year 2021 saw the transformation in the marketing trends all over the globe. As the pandemic hit the world , and everything was at hold due to restrictions and lockdown, brands and companies discovered a new way to promote their products and services. One of the most popular thing which came up was Influencer Marketing trends which saw and upward trajectory in 2021 while everything was at loss. It has been predicted that it will see more upsurge in the years to come and obviously in 2022.

People often ponder “what is influencer marketing”? basically it is a combination of old and new marketing tools. It does not only involve celebrities but also social media influencers that have gained a decent amount of followers in their area of expertise. It is similar to the idea of celebrity endorsement and mixing up with modern day social media content driven marketing campaigns.


•  Influencer marketing is expected to grow approximately more than 13.8 billion dollar in year 2022.

•  90% of survey suggest that influencer marketing is an effective source of marketing

•  97% of the owners say that they get the money for influencer marketing from  their marketing budget

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•  67% of the survey respondents use Instagram for Influencer Marketing but there is also a significant increase in Tik-Tok Influencer Marketing

•  Influencer Fraud is also a problem but it has decreased since the past

•  Finding the correct Influencer is still a concern for those who run their business in-house but it is becoming less of a problem

There are many more influencer marketing trends that year 2022 is going to witness. With Influencer Marketing becoming the call of demand , you would wish to know the Influencer Marketing trends for year 2022 , so here’s all you need to know!


Do you know that 91% brands believe that personalization increases the profit in businesses. That is why they consider it to be very crucial. By collaborating with influencers , makes the reach of companies to the consumers more easy and authentic. It also helps them to know about the needs and desires of the consumers and from this they craft their marketing strategies.


Influencer marketing campaigns have always given a better and effective results. As they keep on appearing consumer’s feeds it actually grabs their attention and mold their views about the product and services.

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Everyone knows that you can’t attract a larger audience in one time you have to consistently need to catch their attention and let them know that you brand exists! This would help in achieving the objectives. So its always Influencer Marketing that is opted this days.


Influencer Marketing has become quite a thing now these days. And most probably beauty and lifestyle influencers have taken the space. But with time the categories has also evolved.

One of those category is the financial influencer. Being honest here, no one wants to read a book of 1000 pages but if there’s someone who can explain all things related to finance virtually they will definitely go for it. So these new emerging categories are helping the viewers to sort the content they want to see and get honest reviews.


Earlier the collaborations of influencers with brands was one time process. But as now everything is evolving, they are trying to work together for long term and build a healthy relationship. It also works as a plus point for the companies as with passage of time the collaborators also come to know more about your brand and help it succeed.

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Therefore it should be noted that if you are into marketing see that your collaboration is not a one time deal but a long term and a healthy relationship.

Adding more to it as a brand you should look for the influencers that match with your areas of interest and vice-versa!

Keeping all these trends and insightful influencer marketing trends in mind you can take your brand to greater heights in 2022.

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