Deepika Padukone as brand ambassador of Tecno mobile

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The smartphone market in India is one of the most competitive markets in India with a huge number of players trying their slice of the pie. Tecno is another great player in the smartphone market trying to make it big by winning the hearts of Indians. But selling something to Indians has never been an easy job.

Now to give their brand some more attention from the Indian crowd, the company has decided to get Deepika Padukone as tecno brand ambassador in India. This collaboration with Deepika Padukone will help the brand to tap into the market of young Indians.

Deepika Padukone as tecno brand ambassador
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Deepika has a huge fan base in India, especially for her fashion sense. This will help Tecno to inform potential customers about the innovations and styles of their phones.

Deepika Padukone mentioned the collaboration – “I’m excited to join Tecno, a brand synonymous with innovation and stylish smartphones. Tecno’s lifestyle-tailored approach seamlessly blends innovation, style, design, and accessibility, resonating with the spirit of the new generation. I look forward to this partnership and the exciting opportunities that lie ahead.”

Deepika Padukone

Talking about this Collaboration, Arijeet Talapatra, Chief Executive Officer of Tecno Mobile said “We are thrilled to announce Deepika Padukone as Tecno’s brand ambassador. Deepika’s charisma, coupled with Tecno’s innovation focus, creates a powerful synergy that will strengthen our brand perception and resonate with younger audiences. Beyond being a smartphone brand, Tecno aspires to be a lifestyle companion. We anticipate the association  will enhance our brand image and engage a diverse audience, fostering our pursuit of excellence and ‘Stop at Nothing’ brand philosophy.”

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The hyper competitive smartphone market in India

The smartphone market in India is highly competitive with cutthroat competition among different players both national and international. At the same time, it’s also important to mention that the smartphone market in India has a huge potential as we are the most populated country in the world. But it is not easy to win in such a competitive market, it requires a lot of strategies to win this market.

The smartphone market in India is projected to generate US$44.6 billion in revenue by 2024. From 2024 to 2028, it is anticipated to grow at a rate of 7.25% annually (CAGR 2024-2028). China leads the world in smartphone revenue generation, with projected sales of US$105.5 billion by 2024.

Three Strategies to Win competitive markets

Win competitive markets

Like the smartphone market, there are many hyper competitive markets in India. If you’re also building a business in one of these hyper competitive markets, then here are some strategies that you can follow to win –

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1. Bring awareness to your potential customers –

Consumer behaviour has seen a lot of change in the past few years. Consumers are now more eager to interact with the brands before making decisions about what to buy; they are no longer interested in buying after listening to sales pitch.

This means that the brand must notify, alert, and educate customers about the products. In order to empower customers to make wise decisions, brands should strive to provide accurate and transparent information.

Additionally, locating the ideal brand ambassador can assist startups in building a rapport with potential customers. A brand should look for a face that connects with and is credible with the target audience when choosing an ambassador. Like what Tecno did while selecting Deepika as the brand ambassador of Tecno mobiles.

2. Narrowing down your Niche

It can be challenging to identify, target, and satisfy the needs of a large number of customers when you’re in a competitive market. Regardless of who your rivals are, they probably excel in serving a smaller portion of the market.

This implies that there are other markets that they don’t cover as well, which presents an opportunity for you. Find your niche, which is a more condensed segment of the market whose needs aren’t fully satisfied.

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You can never please everyone. You can better focus on satisfying their needs by focusing on a specific industry niche, which will help you succeed in that market.

3. Solve the pain of customer –

Just because they enjoy your goods and services does not guarantee that your devoted customers will remain so. They trust your people, organisation, and ability to address their issues and offer better solutions than your rivals, which makes them dependable. Put another way, your devoted clientele will probably be more open to hearing from you than from your new rival.

This is a great time to go over the problems that your clients and prospects are facing in order to come up with more creative solutions. Take into account their pain points related to finances, support, operations, processes, and productivity, as well as other areas particular to your business (if B2B) or the lives of your clients (if B2C). To find the specifics, administer surveys and assign your sales and support staff to undertake qualitative research.


Winning in a hyper competitive market is a tough game and Techno bringing Deepika Padukone as the brand ambassador of Techno Mobile can help them accomplish their goal of winning the Indian smartphone market.

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