The Dream Marketing Campaign of Archies

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Novels turning into movies have been a common thing for movie fans from 3idiot to 2 states all are actually novels. But now director Zoya Akhtar has gone in a new direction to give a new taste to the fans. The age-old comic called Archies has been turned into a film on Netflix by Zoya. The comic is based on 60s India and can be a really good emotional roller coaster for the fans.

Story of Archies

This coming-of-age story takes place in Riverdale, a made-up town in 1960s India. Beloved characters Archie, Betty, Veronica, Jughead, Reggie, Ethel, and Dilton are all followed throughout the narrative. This film examines themes of freedom, love, heartbreak, rebellion, and friendship through the perspective of the Anglo-Indian community.

The Archies First Look Poster

The marketing of Archies

But today we will not be discussing the storylines of Archies or the direction or the cinematography or the acting. But we will share the great marketing campaign run by their team.

They have been successful in their mission of making this movie the talk of the town. People were eagerly waiting for this movie to launch and surely made many people destroy their sleep schedule to give it a watch.

Let’s decode it’s different marketing tactics one by one –

1. Launching WhatsApp stickers by partnering with Meta –

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One of the best things they did was launch this WhatsApp sticker which is Archies themed and all the characters of the movies are used to make different stickers.

We all know the popularity of WhatsApp among Gen-Z. A lot of people of this generation prefer chatting on WhatsApp than phone calls. Stickers are really popular among all WhatsApp users to convey their emotions with some expressions.

This trick of launching Archies themed WhatsApp stickers gave some great advantages to the Archies and Netflix teams.

2. Skybags launching special Archies themed backpack –

In their next move, the marketing team of Archies decided to collaborate with Skybags. Skybags is a very popular backpack company among youngsters. Collaborating with them surely helped the movie connect better with its target audience base.

In collaboration with Netflix, Skybags launched some Archies-themed backpacks which gained popularity among people in a short span of time. Many people went on to buy these Archies themed backpacks which gave the movie some extra attention from the audience.

3. Maybelline New York launched special edition –

What can be a better option to reach young beauty enthusiasts than collaborating with one of the biggest beauty brands? Now, we all know how popular Maybelline is among fashion enthusiasts. From their kajal to lipstick everything is very popular and a part of daily life for millions of teen girls around the country.

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Now Maybelline New York launched a special Archies edition of their beauty products. Soon it became a sensation in the beauty products world and people started talking about it. All of this indirectly gave the marketing advantage to Archies only.

Archies Collection Ink Liquid Lipstick

4. Starbucks served Archies themed drinks –

Now after all these big brands, Archies didn’t stop. They went on to collaborate with one of the biggest brands in the world – Starbucks.

Starbucks is hugely popular among the youth as it works like a status symbol and everyone wants to show off themselves working in Starbucks.

So, Starbucks served some Archies themed dishes in their shops and that added some more audiences for Archies.

5. Graffiti on the walls around Eastern and Western Express –

Graffiti and Rap music are two forms of art that have gained popularity in the recent years among youngsters.

So, the Netflix team thought why miss this chance? They got the artists to draw graffiti on the walls around the Eastern and Western Express breaking the old system of big banners.

6. App integration in Tinder –

Tinder is a go to place for the single Gen-Zs out there. A lot of youngsters use this app to search for their soulmates and now Archies team decided to use this as their marketing place too.

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The marketing team of the movie collaborated with Tinder to bring an in-app integration of incognito mode which lets the subscribers be seen only by the people they like.

7. Limited edition boAt lifestyle speakers –

boAt launched some Archies themed limited edition speakers in collaboration with the marketing team of Archies.

Now boAt is one of the most popular brands among Gen-Z for its headphones and speakers and their affordability. So this collaboration was also a great push for the hype created around this movie.

boAt launched Archies

8. Collaboration with Flipkart’s Spoyl –

Flipkart’s Spoly launched special Archies themed merchandise which includes everything from vintage-inspired dresses to loungewear.

This Archies collection includes several types of garments with both vintage and modern designs finally helping the movie to reach the fashion enthusiast audience base.

Other than all of these they had a shoe-shaped car cruising through the streets of Mumbai and also a live countdown billboard in Mumbai to promote the movie.


The marketing campaign of Archies is surely one of the finest marketing campaigns ever run for the promotion of any film. All these collaborations with several big brands helped the Archies to create massive hype around the film.

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