The interactive billboard of Flipkart’s genius marketing strategy

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Doing business in India is not easy, it takes some high-quality efforts to win the hearts of the Indian audience. But in this game of winning the hearts of the Indian audience, Flipkart is attaining mastery with each passing day. Flipkart is already the biggest e-commerce player in India with the largest market size.

Flipkart and its other subsidiaries have become a go-to marketplace for a huge percentage of Indians for every need. In this humongous success of Flipkart, their marketing team played an undeniably important role. But even after reaching heights of sales, their creativity never fails to amaze.

Recently, Flipkart created hype on the whole internet by installing an interactive billboard in Mumbai that interacts with every person passing by. It’s asking them to perform a small task and win great discounts on products in Flipkart’s year-end sale.

Use of billboard advertising

With changing marketing styles all over the world, billboard advertising is also changing. Previously billboards used to consist of pictures of celebrities posing with the product.

Now the scenario has changed. Companies now use billboard advertising to win the hearts of the audience with the help of their creativity. All these new age startups like Flipkart, Zomato, and Swiggy have mastered the art of making creative billboard ads that can capture the audience’s attention.

Billboard Advertising
(Image source – TheStreet)

We all know about the Times Square billboard as many big brands feature their product there. Not only that but even big celebrities use the Times Square billboard to promote their moves. Now you can even feature yourself there by booking a date.

Recently, Barbie movies used billboards at a great level to promote the movie and it helped the movie to get the attention of millions around the world.

Flipkart’s billboard marketing

This is not the first time that Flipkart has created a great marketing strategy to promote the site. Flipkart has always been popular among the citizens for its genius marketing strategy for many years now.

Flipkart's Billboard Marketing
(Image source – Mint)

Months ago a picture of a Flipkart billboard broke the internet with its creativity and won the hearts of netizens. A picture of well-known companies like Samsung, Puma, ASUS, Sony, Campus, and Selection Plus coexisting with Flipkart in a crowded marketplace was shared on Twitter by user Pranav Mailarpawar.

“There are seven ads around us. Har ad me jo dikhta hai, wo Flipkart pe milta hai!” Viewers were immediately drawn to this message because it was both straightforward and powerful.

Why is billboard marketing so important even today?

Now there comes another question that we need to discuss: why is billboard marketing being taken so seriously by startups in the era of social media marketing or email marketing?

Now, here are 7 reasons why billboard marketing is important and impactful –

1. Visibility

The first and foremost important thing about billboards is surely the part of visibility. Even if any company comes up with an average design, they are bound to get the attention of the daily commuters.

Other than that we also know that while talking about visibility, the bigger is definitely better. Your email can get ignored or your Instagram reel might not crack the algorithm but a billboard will surely bring some more attention.

2. Diversity of audience

When you do social media marketing, you will be able to reach only a particular customer base of young people. Email marketing can only be done with the customer who has visited your page or app once.

But when you go with billboard advertising, you can reach a wide range of audience which also includes people who are from different age groups.

3. Good location

If you have a target customer base that is based on a particular place or if you want to expand your business to any particular city, then billboards are a great option.

You can customise your billboard’s location according to your needs. You can put different advertising billboards in the busiest areas of a city to expand your business in that city.

4. 24/7 available

All these messages from social media marketing or email marketing or even newspaper advertising can reach the audience when they’re using the platform or reading that newspaper.

But in the case of billboards, the scenario is different, your ad is there 24/7 open in front of the millions of people using the road daily. So billboards are definitely great for exposure to a new set of customers.

Billboard Marketing So Important Even
(Image source – Dudek)

5. Building a strong impression

Billboards are not interlinked with any site link or can’t help you get your customer’s number or email ID but it will surely improve your brand awareness.

Think about a daily commuter who is passing by your brand’s billboard daily, a strong impression will be set on their brain about your company’s product or service. And if you can make it creative then it will surely stay in the mind of your potential customers for a long time.


When you’re trying to build a business in a competitive market like India then you will need to be creative with your marketing. Flaunting your creativity on big billboards around the town is a sure way to win the s hearts of the people of the town.

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