Ishaan Khatter is the face of Lenskart’s new collection.

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Lenskart is a well known brand to most Individuals in India not only for its great products but also for the founder featuring in one of the most famous shows in India – Shark Tank.

Recently Lenskart new collection named Electro Punk has been launched and it’s making a buzz. For this Lenskart new advertisement, the brand has announced a collaboration with Ishaan Khatter as their brand’s face.

Image source – TechCrunch

Talking about the collaboration, co-founder of Lenskart Ramneek Khuranna said “With the Electro Punk collection, we’ve harnessed the pulsating energy of EDM, infusing it into every frame. We wanted to create a collection that embodies the spirit of EDM, and Ishaan Khatter was the perfect collaborator for Electro Punk. Each piece in this collection is a testament to the dynamic spirit of electronic music, blending futuristic design with a vibrant and energetic aesthetic”

Ishaan Khatter on the other hand mentioned, “I’m excited to be part of a collection that brings together two of my greatest passions – music and fashion. Every Electro Punk frame resonates with a symphony of vibrant colours, dynamic designs, and electric energy. They aren’t just accessories; they’re an expression of the music that moves you.”

Ishaan Khatter
Image source – BestMediaInfo

Working with a young face

Ishaan Khatter is a young rising star of Bollywood and this collaboration of Lenskart with a young star can be beneficial for them. One of the best things about working with younger stars is that a brand can tap into the large user base of young people.

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It is easier for the youth population to connect with younger celebrities because of common cultural and fashion sense. Other than that young celebrities are very active on social media and have a good Influence on the social media audience.

The main reason to get a brand ambassador is always getting a competitive advantage over your competitors and while Lenskart new collection features Ishaan Khatter as their face they will be able to get a competitive advantage among the young target customer base.

Side effects of working with youngsters

But like any other thing on planet Earth, this concept of working with young faces and making them the brand ambassador of a brand has a downside too.

Let’s know them in detail,

1. Different values –

Sometimes young icons who are very active on social media promote something that can backfire on your brand value. They can go and support any such social or political standpoint that can lead to you losing customers instead of gaining.

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Sometimes these youngsters get involved in controversial things and set negative examples for their followers which might lead to a bad reputation for your brand.

2. Lack of maturity –

While getting successful and popular at a young age is a dream for many at the same time everyone might not be able to handle that fame and success.

As a young person, one doesn’t have a lot of experience and is not able to understand the amount of responsibilities that come with being the brand ambassador of a company. Taking any wrong step can cost them that fame and your brand some potential customers.

3. Short term popularity –

One more important thing you need to keep in mind is that the popularity of these young icons can be short-term. This popularity is not time-tested like those of the senior stars.

If your brand gets too associated with any young face and gets identified with their face then that can be a worrisome position. Any little controversy or not being able to perform consistently can cost this popularity to young icons.

Is getting a brand ambassador important?

One thing we need to mention is that getting a brand ambassador can be beneficial for several reasons. If you’re building a brand and want to make a large group of people aware of your brand and get on board as customers then getting a brand ambassador is a time tested successful method.

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Getting a brand ambassador is similar to getting a loyal customer or employee who genuinely loves your brand. Having that person join your team as an ambassador will provide you with someone who can enthusiastically and positively speak to the public about your company.

Brand ambassadors can be seen as a vital component of your marketing team. They supply your company’s human element. They assist in spreading the word about your company on various channels to entice visitors to become buyers. Thus, using brand ambassadors to increase sales is a great idea.

If someone posts a critical thought or remark about your company or goods on social media. A brand ambassador can diffuse tensions and present your company in a favourable light. Making sure that any unfavourable publicity is dealt with right away and doesn’t harm your company.


Getting a young brand ambassador can have both good and bad sides but at the same time, it’s one of the best ways to bring reach for your brand, especially among young audiences.

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