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As a digital advertiser, you should know that 80% of the world’s population is currently using a smartphone. That means a big opportunity for a digital advertiser. 

That makes smartphones a vital part of digital marketing strategy. 

Here are the factors which make mobile a primary advertising platform for brands. 


Not only more time is spent on mobile but less and less time is spent on other traditional media like tv and newspaper. Especially when millennials are using mobiles for more than 8 hours a day. 


Cost is the deciding factor of advertisements. Advertisers have to decide where to allocate their budget exactly. They have to think about in which area and on what type of customers they should be showing their ads. 

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With smartphones, you will not be paying for advertising space. Mobile adverts cost per visit. So you will be paying only when an impression is made. 


Smartphone users keep checking their notifications. The brand is able to disseminate the messages in real-time which is relevant to the consumers. 

Advertisers can get creative and do not have to work on generic ads. 

As ads are seen as soon as they are posted, advertisements can be about any event or occasion, or about anything. Meme advertisements are one of the most effective real-time advertisement methods. However they lose their relevancy real soon, but it is enjoyed by the consumers and creators both. 

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Smartphones are the best medium to give a personalized experience to a customer. 

So much data about customers can be collected through mobile. 

Even though they might not be 100% accurate. In case a customer is searching for Gucci shoes, they might not really have buying capacity. But this insight lets the marketers gauge their target audience. 


As smartphones are easy to use because they are small in size.  majority of the customers search their queries through mobile and not desktop.

Who would want to take out their laptop and look for coffee near me? Doing a similar search on the smartphone is practically much easier. 

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According to Statista, 75% of ad spend comes from mobile in 2021.

It is estimated to grow in the coming year of 2022. 

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