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In order to gain maximum from marketing, and focus on its effectiveness, UK’S top brands tell us their views about the same. the marketers agree on one single point there should be a clear and well-planned brief to start with.

The Marketing Awards judge and also the Morrisons Chief Customer and Marketing Officer Rachel Eyre said that “It can sound a little “lame” and “obvious” but having a solid brief is very important otherwise brands will climb the stairs for their ultimate failure.”

“It’s easy to save time in a fast-paced setting by skipping the official briefing. However, spending effort up front to coordinate on objectives, success measurements, insight, and context will save pain (and time) later,” she notes.

“Write the brief down, then gather the main stakeholders – internal and external – to discuss, debate, and resolve questions about it, ensuring that everyone leaves the meeting with a clear understanding of the request.”

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However, having a tight and well-planned brief does not imply that it should be brief, as Sam Day, CMO of Confused.com, reminds out. “It means a lot of hard effort condensed,” he explains, adding that “focused your mind focuses the task.”

Chris Rodi, Mars Petcare’s European portfolio marketing director for natural and health goods, emphasizes the need of having a “very tight brief.”

According to Rodi, Mars evaluates creative work based on three criteria. It must capture attention – “consumers are constantly distracted, so capturing attention early is critical”; it must elicit emotion – “consumers are more likely to watch it if it is emotional”; and it must be remembered for the brand – “the brand should be the hero of the story, and the distinctive assets reinforced”

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Confused.com’s Day puts it even more succinctly: “For the love of God, be fascinating,” he advises. “You want customer attention, which is difficult to come by these days.

Rodi describes Mars as “outcomes-focused” when it comes to measuring.

“The final measures are sales and penetration,” he adds. “We use sales uplift measures or validated behavioral proxies like a view-through rate to evaluate our advertising.” Day at Confused.com recommends that brands invest time researching and obtaining customer insight to acquire a clear picture of what people think about them now, as well as expressing what you want them to do as a result of the campaign.

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“That can be more spontaneous awareness or consideration – or just increased sales,” he explains, “but be specific and have quantified demonstrable consequences.” “Also, try to concentrate on one thing at a time. The kitchen sink will have to wait.”

In conclusion:

In marketing, you should the old and basic activities are still worthy practices. In a fast-moving environment do not cease to think of the basic essentials while marketing your brand.

  • Teams must have solid briefs of the campaigns
  • Creative work must capture the attention as a consumer is constantly distracted
  • Consumers must connect with the brand (emotional story works wonders for the brands)
  • Brands must turn out to be the hero of that story
  • Consumers must get fascinated
  • Measure sales and penetration


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