3 Alternative Marketing to Gain Loyal Customers

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Alternative marketing is activities that are not advertisements but leave an impression. At this point, you might think what! We are here to promote our brand.

Don’t worry, all of this is going to help our brand. Read ahead with us to find out how?

What makes it important.

Let’s face the truth. We should not get too comfortable in the digital world. It is because the audience cannot consume only digital data. 

Moreover, these alternatives help brands to create trust and admiration among their prospective customers.

 So what are these alternatives? Let’s have a look at them.

Strategic partnership:

When comes to business, it is not always about cut-throat competition. We don’t always have to sideline our competition. In fact, such competition can be valuable and good for both companies.

Collaboration can be with the competition or with completely different brands with the same brand principles. This brings the opportunity for some valuable content like guest interviews and podcast appearances or creating a shared content to increase brand engagement and in fact helps in brand positioning.

Some mentionable collaborations are:

  • Uber and Spotify: In 2014 these two brands partnered to give users an enhanced experience. The app based companies introduced the feature to sync your Spotify account with Uber account in order to have a personalised playlist on your Uber ride. Read more
  • Go Pro and Red Bull: In 2016, Energy drink brand and Digital camera based company Go Pro announced their partnership. Go Pro would have exclusive access to 1800 Red Bull events across the globe. This was multi-year which would include exclusive coverage of events and cross-promotion and product innovation. In this partnership Red Bull received equity in Go Pro. Read more
  • Kanye West and Yeezy

Growing Online communities

Community building should not be limited to influencers or entrepreneurs. Creating community helps you become the thought leader of your industry. However, you must not spam the community with your ads or link to your products.

A community should have a safe ecosystem. Give a platform for discussions. When brands stop selling only and actually supports something which will have an impact on people, only then brand loyalty increases.

Hand-written letters:

No! We are not dragging you too far. Handwritten notes are different and meaningful. These two are the main factors of any successful business. We are living in a time when we hardly have time for ourselves and our family. This will help our business to give a memorable customer experience.

It all comebacks to making your customer happy and giving them a unique customer experience. Most marketers do not choose this alternative strategy because it requires a little extra effort. But this brand helps make it simple for you Inkpact.

Innovation is an important aspect of the business. Although traditional methods are easy and work, you might be able to give your customers a little extra joy.

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