Flipkart’s Extraordinary Marketing Skills Proves That They Are Here To Stay

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Advertisement billboards are a regular sight on city streets, but what actually distinguishes them is how they capture our attention. Messages, colour schemes, and graphics must all be engaging and strong enough to entice potential buyers. Now Flipkart, in a superb marketing strategy, succeeded in standing out from the mass of hoardings, demonstrating advertising at its finest. So what did they actually do?

Flipkart’s Strategy

Multiple brand ads can be seen stacked up one after the other in an image uploaded by Twitter user Pranav Mailarpawar. Flipkart, on the other hand, took advantage of the circumstance and seized the spotlight with a brilliant and amusing statement. Their billboard appeared beside those of Samsung, Asus, Puma, and Sony, but it featured a message that everyone noticed: “There are 7 advertising around us. Everything in every advertisement is available on Flipkart. This simple yet powerful statement quickly drew viewers’ attention, just as the e-commerce corporation had hoped. It was a clear case of a small role, big impact,’ illustrating that even with little graphics, the message delivered had a considerable influence. 

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People’s Reactions

People began to respond enthusiastically to Flipkart’s ultra-marketing ploy as the image of it went viral. “Wow! Amazing!” “Copywriter,” one user wrote. “Excellent use of Ambush Marketing.” Another person added, “Genius is the word!” referring to the marketing tactic in which a company aggressively pursues a competition or seizes their visibility without hiding their goals. Not every person was that enthusiastic, and some were critical of Flipkart. “Galat likha hai…..” “They should write ki in sabki COPY milti hai Flipkart par,” one person suggested, adding, “Flipkart mein dikta Hai aur milta Hai, par hum guarantee nahi dete Hai.”

People’s Reactions

Concluding Remarks

This advertisement was well received and rightfully so. Flipkart as a brand has always tried to exceed their customer’s expectations. This advertisement also managed to shift audience’s towards their big billion days.

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