5 Must have features on your Website

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Is your business at risk of being left behind? It is an era of increasing competition among digital platforms. A successful business needs to meet the heightened expectations of customers. Even if your business is running great right now, you cannot be secure of its future. 

Here are upgrades that we think your website will need in the coming time.

Live Chat

With so many new features available in the market and development in technology. Communication has become easier. Almost every business provides email IDs for communications, many provide a phone number. But with this ease of communication the patience to wait for emails or hold on to a waiting line has dropped down.

Now people visiting your website want to need assistance as quickly as possible. It may be about some services they have availed in the past or maybe a question about a product they must be interested in. So it is better to have a live chat option available on your website.

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This can also help you collect emails id’s from genuine prospects who actually were interested in your product


Basic automation like email sending and post schedule on social media can reduce your work stress so much. It is an efficient way to resource the available technology. Sometimes it becomes to reply to all the queries or concerns asked by people visiting your website. Creating a template for email and scheduling it to reply to all the emails you receive can help you a lot.

  •  MailChimp is an automated email service provider for your newsletters. 
  • Infobip is an intelligent platform for chatbot to fulfill the need of a virtual assistant in your website. 


Micro animations are small animations. They add a playful spirit to the website. These are especially helpful in guiding instructions on your website. Micro animations have been around for a while, but their popularity in e-commerec websites is going to increase in the coming days. 

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Yeah it is exactly what it means. You must have a gallery feature availble on your website for users to explore to see your work or your premises to get a better idea. You can also share your social media posts on your gallery to increase engagement on your website which can help you lower the bounce rate.

Downloadable material

It is easier for you create a downloadable material if you are running a blog or an informational website. This can be a challenge for business owners but it is a good practice to have a downloadable material on your website. Businesses can have service brochures, product details, coupon codes or any other informational material available on their websites.

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As ever, you need to continuously keep optimizing your website.  Start where you can and eliminate the features not required anymore. Analyze what is the sinkhole for your website; eliminate them to have a successful running website. 

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